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The First Earth Battalion is currently lookng for tech dealers. We sell tech at the standard price of 100/3 million. We will always fulfill are deals, and even if, for some reason, one of our members cannot pay up, the alliance will back them up.

Below is the full list of FEB official, and insured, tech dealers:

Nation name (Ruler Name)

1) The British Kingdom (Guppy)
2) Dumbarton (vladimer)
3) The Union of Kleptomania (Yournamehere)
4) Scottish Communist (The Falcon)
5) New CCCP (Premier Sean)
6) LandofFire (Sasuke Smith)
7) Quetzemuela (Red Leader Zala)
8. The Land of the Bint (Bint14)
9) LIDIA (Croisos)
10) Land of the 133t (XeroG)
11) Planet Zebes (Samus123)
12) The Dread Empire (DreadGrunt)
13) MonkeyMan (jcbmain)
14) Regnum Mortui (Rawkhawk64)
15) Marenhengidaro (gamewinner)
16) Pokemon (Pokemon625)

Non-Tech Dealers:

1) Irish Russkie]
2) Jeff31

Thanks you,

President of FEB

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The European Earldom, supposedly the nation of Brownto that posted this thread, does not exist. No ruler by the name brownto exists. Therefore I can't contact him.

The Alliance/IRC combo list does not list First Earth Battalion, therefore I can't go to IRC to contact them.

My experience with First Earth Battalion is that I sent $3M each to DreadGrunt and jomarggg. [color="#FF0000"][EDIT : That should say jcbmain, not jomarggg. Sorry.][/color] In both cases, I sent an in-game msg saying I was buying tech based on this thread and them having open aid slots, $3M/50/50, and that they should only accept the aid if they agreed. In both cases, they accepted the aid the next day.

But neither have sent tech.

DreadGrunt has all slots empty and appears to have received quite a bit of money for tech, but he isn't sending it out. He collected taxes one day ago, and he should have sent my tech (and probably tech for others) at that time. He also has 315 tech on hand, which makes it look like he has no intentions of sending tech - he just stole the tech money.

jcbmain waited until the aid slot between us cleared, and then deleted it without sending tech. When the tech didn't show up, I looked at his nation, and saw 4 aid slots in use, plus his 5th aid slot had $3M pending coming to him for another tech deal. I wrote to him and told him that he already owed me tech, and should delete that pending aid. That aid slot belonged to me, since I had already paid. He then accepted the aid (filling his last aid slot) and wrote me saying "ok will as soon as possible! "

Apparently he expects me to sit around with an aid slot waiting on him to, eventually, maybe, send me the tech he owes.

I'm not a happy camper. From where I sit, it looks like they are just stealing my money with no intentions of doing the job they agreed to. And in the meantime, the guy who posted the thread and stated that their alliance would guarantee the deals doesn't even have a nation.

Looks like a scam, smells like a scam. But I've been wrong before. If someone from FEB wants to talk to me to resolve this, you can often find me in #nadc.

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Ruler: Croisos
Alliance: first earth battalion

Croisos [b]OWES[/b] me 100 tech the first payment is now two days late. I expect a very fast response!

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