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Declaration of Secession

Sargun II

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Juli had finished reading off a list of organized issues with the new Constitution forced on the people, most of them already explained and tossed away by the administration as radical ideas. However, Juli considered it her duty to be the voice of the people, and read several dozen of the issues without delay. A few were focused on how the King now had essentially unlimited power and influence, others how the citizens did not get to vote on the Constitution, how the new system of democracy was inefficient and prone to abuse and corruption, how richer citizens could pay to get out of the army while the lower classes were forced to enroll, how there were essentially new taxes that were not voted on... the list dragged on for a good half an hour before she finally finished. "...and so, it is with this list of grievances that I, Juli Peaceheart, do hereby proclaim for the people the Act of Secession. Henceforth, any territories currently governed by the illegitimate government of Carthage headed by the false King will be considered territories of the Third Republic. I must reassure the international community that all treaty obligations will be fulfilled by the Third Republic, once we have finished cleansing our nation of the tyrant King."

Juli flashed her smile and raised both her fists in the air.


"Jack? You really rehired General Jack Carter?"
"You're damn straight I did. What's that look about?"
"Nothing, my Queen. Just wondering how you did it, that's all."
"Wait, do you think I pulled a Tintagyl? Please, I wouldn't shake my $@! at him if he paid me."


Nuclear sites were sealed and the anti-air, land, and sea defenses were manned immediately. The navy sailed out of ports and set up a perimeter 20nm away from the shore, aimed at the land. The Peaceheart faction controlled now the air and sea around the entire nation. As the Loyalist air force rose into the air, battleships bombarded military air bases. As Loyalist troops grabbed weapons and rolled out into the cities, streets, highways, and even desert, escorted bombing runs were targeted at military barracks.

[[ooc: if you need more detail mykep, just ask for it. just remember to reciprocate]]

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On this 22nd of May 2010 I come with an important announcement from the Athenian Federation.

News has reached my office about issues within Carthage, in cooperation with my government I have decided to declare support for the Third Republic. This will mean that the following go into effect immediately.

-All Military and Civilian elements loyal to the Third Republic are welcome to stay in the Federation, this includes storage and refueling of military equipment.
-Those opposed to the Third Republic will face full economic sanctions.
-At the request of the Third Republic the Athenian Federation will dedicate the Hellenic Armed Forces to secure the interests of the Third Republic.

We hope this conflict will have a swift and painless resolution however we stand ready to protect our new friends at any cost.

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We agree with the Athenian Federation and are moving to enact the same actions and declarations. Although at this point military support will be limited due to the observance of treaty obligations and matters of national defense.

William Caudill
-President of the United States

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A team of ninjas had been dispatched to deliver a message. Through various ninja tricks they would see it would arrive in the hands of Juli Peaceheart and her advisors.

"The Green Gang would like to offer you our services in your civil war. Two hundred thousand dollars per soldier up to 1000 soldiers along with cost for their ammunition and repairs to their equipment. Rest assured, all these men are top quality and have fought-en in a desert war before."

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[b]President Moshum[/b]
[i]"Well this is certainly interesting, The NPR holds no defined opinion of these events just yet. We will however watch with keen interest the events transpiring to our southern borders and sympathize with the Third Republic alongside our Athenian friends.[/i]"

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Mohammed VI made his way to the podium to address the current events following his wife’s departure from his arms. He had his fists clenched around the constitution that had broken this nation’s peace.

"Throughout history, Carthage has seen rebellions, reformations, and wars. At an attempt to establish itself a document to limit the power of individuals in government, a select group have decided it best to withdraw themselves from the Carthaginian government. This, is not their crime. Our Queen has decided to take it upon herself to rebel with no legitimate reason. Upon founding this great nation once more, I flew the flag of this nation. She flew the flag of her fallen Sarnungian Republic. This constitution limited the power of each of us. It established councils that would be elected to meet your interests. She did not bother to see past the lines drawn for her. If she wants a war, as she has seen it fit to man her Loyalists, then so be it. We are the Carthaginians, and this is our Kingdom. If my wife wishes to discuss a continued peace, she can lay down her weapons."

They held the silos, but the Carthaginians held the static defenses in the foothold defenses that had hold of the majority of the border. Along side the mobile missiles making their way to the borders as the nation hit DEFCON 2. Noone was allowed to enter or leave without consent from the King. The barracks outside of Carthage City mobilized 2,500 troops to infiltrate the Loyalist city. The remainder of the forces began mobilization. Mobile missile units scattered around the borders held their place awaiting available targets. The ports held manned sea defenses

OOC: Can we make a map of where supports are? I don’t feel like guessing. I want Rabat, Ceuta, Algiers and Tunisia. Or we can do Risk and start calling cities :D

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[i]Versailles, France[/i]


"This only exemplifies just how prevalent we need more capable southern neighbors." Admiral Tavernier, Commander of the Second Fleet at Marseilles said as he turned of the television at the close of the two speeches by Peaceheart and Mohammed. "And of course the entire world just can't let these factions at peace, everyone is looking to play sides."

Therese rubbed her nose and leaned back in her chair. "Then the question is, does France play sides with them?"


"Unfortunately there isn't much we can expect to gain out of Africa as even though those nations have independence, they are still pretty much run by the Aphrike Treaty, it is my honest opinion that only the people of Nod are truly independent on that continent. So in a way, perhaps, this is a war for independence in a way." Therese swayed back and forth contemplating what she said. "Athens is already moving troops in." She shook her head. "So much for being the side of defense and non-aggressors, the East is just as aggressive as the West. This is all the evidence that you need to see that. But who to support if at all, Peaceheart or Mohammed? Both are viable candidates and neither have any relations to our regime."

"Then no action at all Highness?"

"At the moment yes, we can watch this and see who turns out to be a better candidate if France is to lend her support. Either way, I don't think military support will be necessary, a civil war is nothing I'd like to involve myself in. Though I'm quite curious what Africa will be doing about this, I would much rather see Africa's moves before Europe's moves."

Tavernier nodded as he sipped the cup of tea in front of him. "An interesting turn of events indeed."



"While France has had no formal relations with Carthage, as your proximity is so close to our southern border, across the Mediterranean this war brings great worry and sorrow to the people of France. Our hopes are that this conflict will be resolved peacefully before too much death occurs between Carthagian brothers and sisters."
-Therese I

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Classified message to Carthage from President HI:

I have noticed that you are attempting to rebel against the Sarnungian Republic. We are both kind of in a similar situation. You are attempting to form a new nation, we are trying to reclaim a massive chunk of our former land from a hypocrite paper-tiger country.

I am offering a deal. We will provide supplies, special operation soldiers, spies, equipments, vehicles, and eventually our army. In return, if your rebellion succeed, we ask you to assist us in reclaiming the land from the United States of America.

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[b]Declaration from the German Democratic Republic[/b]

"The GDR has a mutual defense pact with Carthage. It has no such treaty with the Third Republic.
It is thus our obligation to help Carthage in whatever way they wish us to aid them.
That is all."

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As soon as Kottan heard about the civil war, she penned this letter:

[i]To Both The Warring Parties:

I side with neither of you... And I intend to leave the nation until things are more relaxed or I side with one of you.

I am very sorry to see this happen, but there is nothing I can do; I do not rule here.

As The Funky Republic of Puerto Rico has opened its doors to refugees, I will be going there. I shall inform you both should I return here. You know how I can be reached- if you need to contact me for anything, or to request my return for some reason, feel free to do so.

My hope is that this is resolved with little bloodshed.[/i]

Kottan left the letter on the desk in her office, pulled her cell phone from her pocket, called her sister and said, "Ayo, get ready to leave. We're not staying in this nation." She hung up, tears in her eyes, her heart aching. She had hoped this would never happen, but it had. A single tear dripped to the marble floor on which she stood before she wiped her eyes and walked away.

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The Red Cross starts sending personnel to the region under a flag of neutrality to help with the wounded on both sides. If either Carthage or the Third Republic gives clearance, they shall begin providing relief to civilians in the affected war-zones immediately. It is noted that the Red Cross is an unbiased U.S. based NGO and is a civilian entity. It has no direct ties to the U.S. Federal Government but is sent out of the good will of the people of the United States.

Red Cross vehicles and personnel will be labeled with this logo:
[center][img]http://www.mtn18.com/latest_news/2_AmericanRedCross.jpg[/img] [/center]

ooc: You can donate to the real red cross here:

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Upon agreement, the consitution will be nullified, and the marriage will remain intact for the benefit of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Carthage stands as one today. All military will remain at DEFCON 2 till the riots and citizens calm.

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With the conflict over so swiftly, a majority of the members of the military and engineers and scientists - mostly loyal to the Peaceheart-Zenn family - were outraged. Scores of citizens, mostly intellectuals and upper class, would leave en masse to Rebel Army. Queen Peaceheart herself fled to the neighbouring nation and has terminated the marriage. A good three-fourths of the military refused to follow the King and started applying to Rebel Army to emigrate; the entire defense system built under the Peaceheart administration was destroyed by the people manning them, and information was completely deleted and transported elsewhere.

In short, there was a massive movement and the entire nation deflated. The navy and air force have moved to Crete, flying the colors of the Third Republic.

OOC: I have left the merger; the RP is all my tech/infra leaving, and military stats going away. See you~

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