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We rise from the fire and stake our claim

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If Hell Had a Capital City, It Would Be Hellion

The time has come to throw open the gates. That time is now.
The gates to Hellion are now open. This day brings new hope to Bob, the hope that hell can be seen in the light it is meant to. For far too long we have laid dormant and slept, well today we sleep no more. We rise and ask you to join us in a new venture to bring this planet the alliance it needs. The alliance you have asked for without knowing it.
Today we bring you Hellion.

Hellion is comprised of members that share the same goal and the same principles
We are united and serve each other to the best of our ablilities.
We are sworn to protect each other and to uphold the law sancitity honour and trust instilled on each member.
Though we come from many walks of life, we shall serve as one to protect the things we value most.

Article I: Membership
A. Applications for membership may be made by any player by creating an application thread on our forums, following the proper template.
B. Applicants will be asked a series of questions by all current members, both in their forum thread and on IRC, before a vote is held to determine membership.
C. An informal vote amongst the Triumvirate will take place, with 2 out of 3 votes needed to obtain membership.

Article II: Member Ranks
A. There are three ranks within Hellion, reflecting member seniority, activity, and contribution:
1. Recruit - This rank is for all members who have joined the alliance within the last 2 weeks. Accepted applicants will be masked as recruits for a period of 2 weeks, and then will be masked as a Sheol unless the Triumvirate makes a 2/3 decision for the member to remain a recruit. A unanimous decision of the Triumvirate can allow an accepted applicant to skip this rank upon acceptance.
2. Sheol - This rank is the standard rank of a Hellion member. All base members are eligible to run for government and to be considered for deputy positions.
3. Tartarus - This rank is for active, dedicated members of Hellion who have had their contributions recognized. Any Tartarus must show exceptional activity on the forums and IRC, and have contributed greatly to the overall well-being of the alliance. Tartarus have access to more sensitive information than do Sheol, and act as an informal advisory committee for the Triumvirate.

B. Promotions and Demotions
1. To be promoted from a Sheol to a Tartarus, that member must first nominate his/her self for promotion, and then be interviewed by the Triumvirate and all current Tartarus. To be promoted, a nominee must have the support of at least 2/3 Triumvirs and a majority of Tartarus.
2. Any Sheol elected to the Triumvirate is automatically promoted to Tartarus, and retains that rank when their term expires.
3. To be demoted from Tartarus, a unanimous decision of the Triumvirate and a majority of Tartarus not including the candidate for demotion is required.

C. Expulsion
1. Any Sheol can be expelled with a unanimous decision of the Triumvirate.
2. A Tartarus must first be demoted via the proper procedure to be expelled.

Article III: Government
A. The Triumvirate is made of three specialized positions, one in Foreign Affairs (the Nergal), one in Internal Affairs (the Kisin), and one in Military ( the Abaddon). Each of the triumvirs has broad authority over all alliance matters, but is primarily engaged in the day-to-day operations of their respective areas.
1. All Triumvirs serve 3 month terms. Elections are to be held at the beginning of each month, with one Triumvir spot up for election on a rotating basis each election. Any member rank Sheol or higher may declare candidacy for a Triumvir spot up for election. The candidate nomination and campaign phase will last 72 days, followed by 48 days of voting.
2. All members have 1 vote in all polls, including elections. At the conclusion of an election, if the vote is tied, there will be a run-off between the two tied candidates, lasting 24 hours. If this vote ends, in a tie, the member more seniority wins.
3. In the event that a Triumvir steps down during his/her term, the remaining Triumvirs select a member from amongst the Tartarus to serve the remainder of the term.
B. The Nergal - The Nergal is the Triumvir of Foreign Affairs, and is charged with creating and maintaining communications with other alliances. The Nergal has the authority to negotiate treaties on behalf of the alliance, but must obtain approval from at least one other Triumvir before a treaty can be signed.
C. The Kisin - The Kisin is the Triumvir of Internal Affairs, and is charged with running internal growth programs and handling the membership. The Kisin has the authority to initiate and terminate programs at his/her discretion.
D. The Abaddon - The Abaddon is the Triumvir of the Military, and is charged with organizing and commanding the military of the alliance during wartime, and maintaining the military capability of the alliance during peacetime. The Abaddon does not have the power to declare war on behalf of the alliance, except with the consent of the other two Triumvirs.
E. A Triumvir can be removed from his post by a vote, with a 75% majority of the alliance vote needed to remove a Triumvir. A vote to remove a Triumvir must last at least 48 hours, and can be initiated by any member of rank Tartarus.
F. Any Triumvir can designate up to 3 members to serve as his/her deputies, to assist them in any way they see fit. These members will not be given higher access to sensitive information than their rank allows without the express consent of the all Triumvirs.

Article IV: War
A. An alliance war may only be declared by a unanimous decision of the Triumvirate.
B. Peace terms must be approved by at least 2/3 of the Triumvirate before they are offered or accepted.
C. Nuclear weapons are there to be used. Consider this your only warning.

Article V: Empowerment
A. Any powers not explicitly restricted in this charter are granted to the Triumvirate. All alliance policy will be enacted by the Triumvirate as they see fit.
B. This charter may only be modified by an alliance vote, with a 66% majority needed to amend any article.[/quote]

We can be found at #hellion


wenwillthisend Nergal
Alekhine Kisin

So please join us in celebrating this awesome day.[/center]

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[center]In the interest of promoting friendship, growth, and prosperity, the Mushroom Kingdom shall henceforth protect Hellion.

I. The Mushroom Kingdom pledges to provide Hellion with the resources needed to ensure it succeeds.

II. Hellion pledges to keep the Mushroom Kingdom informed of all foreign affairs decisions.

III. If either party wishes to cancel this agreement then notice shall be given in private. After a period of 72 hours has passed the treaty shall be considered void.

Signed for the Mushroom Kingdom,

Archon, King of the Mushroom Kingdom
SirWilliam and rafael nadal, Princes of the Mushroom Kingdom
Teh 1337 Guy, Lord High Vanguard
MagicalTrevor, Lord High Envoy
James I, Lord High Treasurer
AVFC1, Lord High Communicator
lebubu, Lord High Inductor

Signed for Hellion

Nergal: wenwillthisend
Kisin: Alekhine

Edited by MagicalTrevor
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[quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' date='22 May 2010 - 07:46 PM' timestamp='1274521542' post='2307871']
Good luck and congratulations.

Question: Is there a minimum period before a Tartarus that has been demoted to Sheol can be expelled? Or it is instantaneous?

It will be a case by case basis. Someone may not deserve the Tartarus rank but may still be entitled to Sheol. It will all depend.

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