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The fish was a lie

Eggman Empire

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Isaac Kintober leaned back in his chair and groaned. His vacation had been going so well. Just him and two bodyguards next to an isolated lake in the middle of Eggman Empire. He'd caught and eaten several delicious Cod and weathered out a small rainstorm. For the first time in several months, he finally felt free and relaxed. Then one of his bodyguards had informed him that illegal hi-jinx was taking place in the Senate and he might want to hurry back. Isaac could not have possible braced himself for the particular "hi-jinx" that was taking place.

It seems that after he'd left, Jack had gone to work trying to convince the Senate to approve a new military spending bill and an education reform bill that Isaac had been pushing for. Jack was never one for patience or drawn out debate, so after two days of getting nowhere, he decided to take matters into his own hands. On the third day, two of the leading opposition senators were absent. One had spontaneously contracted a nasty strain of tetanus and all his joints had locked up. The second had mysteriously caught a strain of Ebola. Both were in the hospital on life support. Obviously, the incidents couldn't be traced back to Jack, but the rumors about him floating around the government hierarchy made it clear that he was probably it. Plus, it probably didn't help Jack's case that he could often be seen running around in a red-specked lab coat.

Jack's plan had now backfired. Instead of cowing the opposition over to his side, they were now firm in their resolve. In fact, senators who used to be on Isaac's side were now backing away from him. Isaac doubted that he convince them to pass a bill that stated a cherry was red. Even worse, the public had gotten word of the story and were now becoming very critical of him. Isaac knew he would be able to weather the storm out, and that opinion would eventually swing back to his favor. But in the meantime, he wouldn't be able to get a thing approved. Isaac sighed again, and took a small swig of vodka from a flask he'd stashed in his desk. It looked like a super-happy-fun-time was ahead of him. He just hoped he could make it without killing someone.
OOC: M back. Field canceled on account of NK shenanigans.

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