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War Games

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After purchasing some of Carthage's war game simulation machines, the Isara Alliance decided to hold war games with Carthage, to train its elite force of soldiers, the Darcsens.
The soldiers had entered the simulation, a reproduction of Rebel Army's terrain, and immediately begun preparing for the war games. The Darcsens knew only the general direction in which the Carthaginians would be spawning in, but beyond that they had little information.
In the middle of the soldiers and vehicles moving around, Lieutenant Nina Zu Vulfenstein, Commander of the Darcsens, spoke with one of the soldiers.
"How many have been brought here?" she asked the soldier.
"We have...2,000 soldiers here, along with 200 tanks. The Carthaginian forces should have roughly the same amount."
"Very well." Lieutenant Zu Vulfenstein said, her cold eyes narrowing. "Begin setting up fortifications as soon as possible. The Carthaginians will have begun mobilizing as well."

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>>LOG IN<<


Appearing across the battlefield was the designated 2000 Carthaginian soldiers and 200 Carthaginian tanks. Leading the charge was Col. Megan Delatodo. She established radio connection and had her units begin formation and spread out. Two scout task forces were sent foward as she contacted TACCOM (Carthaginian Military HQ) for UAV on sight.

OOC: Map will come shortly unless you wish to make one. Pick the terrain, 500 square miles.

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Meanwhile, the Darcsens had built up fortifications, and created a heavily defended centre, with small outposts of soldiers and tanks around it. An advance force consisting of 200 soldiers and 20 tanks was sent in the direction of the Carthaginian forces, and after moving some distance encountered one of the Carthaginian scout forces, and began attacking. The soldiers, taking cover behind the tanks, fired from out of the cover at the Carthaginian scouts, while the tanks rained machine gun fire on infantry and anti-armour shells on any vehicles.

OOC: Since I don't know how to do that kind of thing yet, I'd like to ask, if it's not too much trouble, that you create the map. Desert-like terrain, preferably.

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