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Conservative Turtles

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[size="6"][b]Conservative Turtles[/b][/size]
The Conservative Underground - Blue Turtle Alliance MDoAP[/center]

In the interest of furthering relations between our alliances TCU and BTA have agreed that an upgrade from an ODAP to MDoAP is exactly what we needed, because there's nothing sexier than an MDoAP between Bunnies and Turtles... Except of course TWO of them!

[b]Section I: Sovereignty:[/b]
Both alliances accept that the other is a separate and sovereign entity.

[b]Section II: Non Aggression:[/b]
Neither signatory will conduct hostile action against the other, nor will they aid the other signatories enemy. Any damage caused by hostile actions will be paid for in full by the offending party if the event is isolated, larger scale breaches of this document may result in cancellation.

[b]Section III: Defense:[/b]
Both Signatories agree that in the event that one alliance is engaged in a defensive war, the other is obligated to defend them through military means providing it does not create a conflict with similar documents. This Document is a non chaining treaty.

[b]Section IV: Optional Aggression:[/b]
TCU and BTA agree that in the event one of them engages in an aggressive conflict against a perceived threat, then the other is not obligated to participate in the conflict, though they are within their right to do so whether or not assistance is requested.

[b]Section V: Intelligence:[/b]
Should vital knowledge of a political or military nature come to the attention of one signatory, they are required to share it with the other.

[b]Section VI: Cancellation:[/b]
This treaty is valid until one or both signatories find it is no longer viable to maintain, because of deteriorating relationships, or Violation of Above articles. This treaty may be canceled by either side, who must give a 1337 hour notice. If the above articles are violated then the treaty is void without the need for the notice period.

[b]Article VII: Turtles are awesome[/b]
See above

[b]Article VIII: No U[/b]

[b]Signed for the BTA[/b]
Master-Debater Oracle
TheSpoon Minister of Win

[b]Signed for TCU[/b]
Commander Cato, Governor
PanzerVII, Lieutenant Governor
Portiabeth, Director of Finance
Barix9, Director of Foreign Affairs
9dj12, Director of Internal Affairs
Polish Germany, Director of Military Affairs

tldr: TCU - BTA MDoAP :3

:| MD

o/ BTA
o/ TCU

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