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Party in the FRA

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It's a celebratory event-- Stephen Engelmann is having his 52nd birthday, and is also commemorating the re-incorporation of South Carolina into the Federal Republic of America and the fine work of our fighting men and women. Amidst the revolutions to the north, dissolution of the FSA, the ultimatum to Tahoe, and the birth of the new United States of America, people in the FRA were rather worried about the fate of their nationhood-- it's only natural that the government would hold an event to try and unite the nation and bolster her security and her pride.

And so it was, in the capitols of all of the states in the union, that celebratory marches by military officials was being held. To commemorate the losses in Operation Rolling Thunder, a monument would be unveiled in both Charleston and in Summerville, for the brave sacrifice of the soldiers and the unfortunate loss of many civilian lives in putting down a terrorist uprising. In Montgomery, capitol of the nation, President Stephen Engelmann would make a speech, preceded by the founder of the nation and retired President, Justin Murphy, to the citizenry and the awarding of the Congressional Medal of Honor to Sergeant (then, Corporal) Stan Shephard and 9 other recipients.

This post will focus on a man, a man named Juergen Liebgott. Juergen was a former soldier and immigrant from Germany-- he emigrated to the FRA shortly after the formation of the FSA, and proudly served in Operation Rolling Thunder. Before the war he had been an active member of the militant arm of the American Front political party, and had engaged in murders and assassinations of secularist politicians, including AA and Progressive Way officials. War ended his actions for a while (as well as burning of American Front records, effectively making his crimes unknown), as he was fighting for his life against terrorists in South Carolina at Summerville, but he felt confidant that he could carry out his biggest hit yet-- assassinating the President of the Federal Republic of America and the Vice-President. His hopes were that the Democratic Party would take the opportunity to secure their political position in the federal government, and secularist rule would be at an end.

The alarm range, rattling angrily at Juergen, before he slammed his fist down on it. He awoke groggily, checked the time, and started-- he was an hour late in preparation, and for his job. He cursed, and moved quickly to put on his uniform and grab his rifle, before speeding over to the Murphy Building, a skyscraper overlooking the rest of the city and-- more importantly, the national capitol. He had pulled favors owed to him during the war to be offered a position as head of security, and was practically free to move. He was, after all, a model soldier and committed patriot-- there was no reason to profile him as disgruntled, or angry with the establishment, beyond a few barracks arguments with his old comrades. He scaled the stairwell, eventually reaching his office, a windowed room overlooking the capitol. The day would be like any other, at least for the next several hours.

[i]Capitol building, Montgomery[/i]
"... Lt. Erik Hernandez, for his valiant efforts in defusal of the VX bomb in Charleston. Sergeant Stan Shephard, for his acts in Summerville, protecting his comrades and pushing the assault until the last. Corporal Landa, for his work in tracking down and eliminating the remaining terrorists within South Carolina..."

President Engelmann stood patiently, watching the former President of the FRA go down the line of soldiers, pinning the awards and shaking their hands, offering words of encouragement. Federal Republican flags were draped over all immediate furnishing, and the podium was draped in a victory banner-- the audience of several thousand anticipated his speech. His hands were steady and dry-- he'd done this a million times before-- say a few encouraging words, go on about the importance of liberty and the amazing work that our military has done, and end it with a popular phrase or some memorable hand gesture. Murphy reached the last veteran, which was Engelmann's cue to approach the veterans individually and shake their hands, before returning to the podium to make his speech.

[i]Murphy Building, Montgomery[/i]
Liebgott watched the televised live speech, and nodded. He would be making the speech for about an hour, he had plenty of time. He wished he had tried for a bomb, rather than a shooting-- it would be easier to kill his two targets than. Alas, he made do with the resources he had, and walked to the closet, unpacking his gear-- M110 modified semi-automatic rifle, several fragmentation grenades, an HK-416 carbine, and two side-arms. He strapped on a vest, and took the M40A1, approaching the window prone. Using binoculars to locate the President, he looked through the scope-- it wouldn't be difficult to kill him, but killing the Vice President as well would be challenging, with security. He hurried, centering on his chest and squeezed...

[i]Capitol Building[/i]
"... and the bravery of the FRA's armed services must never be taken for granted. The actions at Summerville showed flaws in our occupation methods, but it highlighted the bravery, the dedication, the technology, and prowess of our men and women in the Army. Never forget Summerville, never forget the sacrifi--"
Two shots rang out, and instinctively Nikolai hit the deck. The first bullet hit Engelmann in the chest, a second hitting him in the forehead, killing him instantly. A third shot range out and Nikolai was saved only by the actions of the Secret Service-- countersniper fire was produced, and men tackled Nikolai. A bullet hit him in the shoulder, before he was dragged from the scene by his guards.

Several hours later, he was standing with the Democratic secretary of state and a judge-- hishand was on the constitution, the other in a sling, and he was taking an oath to serve and protect it. Progressive Way's speaker of the house was to become Secretary of State, and the Democrat was to become Vice-President, the first Democrat to hold the office. He was rushed in an out of the process, the day went by as a blur. The President was dead... and he was President now. He grinned rather broadly, finally realizing that his aspirations had been fulfilled-- even if through vile means. The assassin was gone, blown away in a fire-fight in the Murphy Building, and presidential security was being reformed heavily. He got up from the chair and turned off the television, and went upstairs, looking upon the oaken doors of the President's office. He'd been in there a thousand times the past few years, and yet now it seemed... new and unfamiliar. He entered injured, but happy as could be.

Public Statement
[quote]Today marks a sad event in the history of America. Earlier today, at 1 P.M., the President of the Federal Republic of America, was assassinated. His killer, a cowardly and desperate man, was shot to death trying to flee from the scene of his treacherous and horrid act of terrorism and assassination. It is unfortunate that he could not be tried for his crimes against liberty, but there is some consolation in his death. I am saddened to take up Engelmann's mantel, after all of his accomplishments and work on the international scene, bettering our position in the world and the North American continent-- he will be remembered by us, as our only president to double the size of the union, to become President of not only the FRA, but also the FSA, and a fine commander in chief.

However, I cannot afford myself the luxury of grief-- administering the union is, and has been, my job and my duty for years now, and with these new responsibilities I make a promise to the people, that I will endeavor to keep them safe, to do as good as, if not a better, job than Engelmann, and continue his legacy of prosperity and liberty for all Americans. I also promise to you, the international community, to shape this tradition in a new path-- in the past the FRA has acted opportunistically, and has committed acts of treachery. At the end, Engelmann was in the process of reversing this, and I will continue to uphold this ideal. We will not work against the people of this world for our gain, but rather with them.

Thank you, and good night.

~President Nikolai Kunis[/quote]

OOC: I'm a bit hung over and unfocused, and some of it seemed a bit hurried, rushed, or incoherent to me. Apologies, but the main point is:
Engelmann's dead, Nikolai's president, political balance is shaken up a bit with the ushering of new Democratic power and a radical being made head of state/government.

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