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Tonight, my nation had an event to respond

Event day : 5/21/2010
Even Expiration: 6/20/2010
A major earthquake has rocked your northern territories causing severe damage to some of the villages located there.
Option selected. See Current Response.

Option 1: Send building materials to rebuild the damaged areas. Citizen income -$5.00.

After that I lost 10$ income. This isnt the first time, last time I lost 8$( while my option meant to lose only $4)

I hope that this can be fixed soon so I can cotinue enjoying CN. Thanks for your reading

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Not a bug:

You have all the Improvements that "Increases population income +[x]%" (Banks, Schools, etc.) which ends up doubling your Income, as well as any changes to it.

Thus, a +$5 event would give your Nation a +$10 change, and a -$5 event would give your Nation a -$10 change.

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