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Getting bored with this Announcement!

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Dear Planet Bob,

Nusantara Elite Warriors is proud to announce reaching 3Millions NS for the third time in the past 1 year. I would like to take this chance to show our appreciation to our allies too.

There is a small party going on in #indo @coldfront. Please do drop by and join us for this small celebration in our humble channel.

While we understand that there are a good number of alliances in PB who puts at Infra, Tech and Land in the pedestal, NEW on the other hand puts Honour and Pride as the Numero Uno. We are proud to have been fighting alongside our allies to defend our existence even if it means ZI. NEW firmly believes that this is the same mentality shared by her friends and allies too. Rebuilding is indeed one of the main factors in this game.

Official Salute to our allies who never fail to come to our aid when we needed them:
o/ Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
o/ World Freedom Federation
o/ Poison Clan


Cyrus0321 - Emperor
Sangar - Prime Minister
Yoyoabc - Minister for Foreign Affairs
Marginali - Dep. Minister for Foreign Affairs

Nusantara Elite Warriors - Draft Nukes, Not Beers!

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[quote name='DarkEra97' date='21 May 2010 - 12:39 AM' timestamp='1274420381' post='2306575']
Why not both? :blink:

I agree, add the beer next to the nooks and only good things can happen!

Congrats NEW! Hope to join ya there soon at 3m :awesome:

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[quote name='DarkEra97' date='21 May 2010 - 05:39 AM' timestamp='1274420381' post='2306575']
Congratulations on your achievement.

Why not both? :blink:
we don't have to draft beers. we still have lots of it to make you all drunk :lol1:

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