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A Petition to Join the Union


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A public letter to the leader of the United States of America:

[quote]To whom it may concern,

Greetings. As Deputy President of the Commonwealth of Texas, it has occurred to me that the idea of Texas being annexed by your union would make a profit for both parties. Therefore, I petition to you to ask your Congress to allow the annexation of Texas into the United States of America. I eagerly await your response.

Gilbert Vainqueur
Deputy President of the Commonwealth of Texas

This letter has been ratified by Deputy President Gilbert Vainqueur with the Supreme Power vested in him through the Law of Texas.[/quote]

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A vote was held. It passed the house by a margin of 70%. In the Senate, the vote count was approximately 24 for 10 opposed. Finally the announcement came.

"With the ratification of the State of Texas of the Constitution of the United States as a binding article, the State of Texas is accepted and added to the territories of the Federal Government of the United States of America in joint sovereignty with the State of Texas. Welcome aboard Governor Gilbert Vainqueur of Texas." Vice President Johnson announced.

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