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Texas - U.S.A. MDoAP

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[quote name="Lone Star"]

[center][img]http://i.imagehost.org/0553/frflag.jpg[/img] & [img]http://www.rallyroundtheflag.org/images/old-glory-01.jpg[/img][/center]

[Center]Lone Star Treaty[/center]

1. Signatories on this treaty will participate in any war in which another signatory is called to defend their sovereign territory. They will assist the signatory in the defense of their domain. Any attack initiated by an outside aggressor, where an attack is defined as a military strike in the form of any military grade ordinance release upon sovereign property or territory of the defending signatory, activates this treaty.

2. Signatories will share intelligence of any threat pertaining to any other signatory.

3. Signatories of this treaty agree to link first-warning and military intelligence data sharing systems in such a manner where the individual sovereignty of each system is not compromised, but pertinent information is conveyed.

4. Signatories agree to practice the elimination of tariffs, quotas, and the use of free trade practices. This includes a pledge not to manipulate currency valuations, but to allow them to be determined by free-market factors.

5. In response to a full nuclear strike upon the sovereign domain of any signatory, the signatories agree to voluntary participation in MAD doctrine in which all nuclear missiles shall be utilized upon aggressor states until the aggressor state becomes unresponsive.

6. Signatories recognize the value of each other as strategic allies and in the event of war may consider the option of coming to the other ally's defense. It is understood decisions to activate the Aggression portion of this treaty is to be a group decision and will need to be discussed to guarantee any participation of any particular member. If aggressive action proceeds without the proper dialogue to determine the collective choice, then the aggressor nation understands it is acting of its own volition and may not receive the support of the other signatories.

William Caudill,
President of the United States of America

Gilbert Vainqueur
Deputy President of The Commonwealth of Texas

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