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To the Shores of the Cape

Sarah Tintagyl

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While negotiations were pending of French involvement in both the Confederation of Arctic Nations, as well as the Republic of York, for France to succeed in its endeavors on the North American Continent it could not stop with just those few nations. Especially if the unfortunate event occurred where those nations would shut Imperial negotiations out. York had yet to respond to a letter postmarked from the Empress days, perhaps weeks ago. Therese therefore turned her attention to the bridge between the war-ridden central North America to the area once belonging to New England, specifically J Andres. This ancient nation would prove to be a necessity if France's influence was to continue to expand on the continent.

Therefore a letter was sent to the Head of State of the Maritime Republic.

[i][b]TO: The Esteemed Head of State of the Maritime Republic of J Andres
From: HIH Therese I, Empress of France[/b][/i]


I hope this letter finds both you and your country well, recently the French Empire has been able to expand onto the North American Continent as we aid the people of the Canadian Imperium to recover from their nuclear strike from rogue forces. As such, one of the primary goals of the Empire has been to secure strong and rewarding relationships with the states across the continent, with negotiations having begun between many of the Arctic Nations, as well as the Republic of York, J Andres seems as though the next best movement for friendship. We do not know much of one another, but as continental neighbors now as well as sharing the Atlantic, I would be honored to learn about your people as much as possible. Therefore, this letter is an invitation for you to come to Versailles and we can discuss the possibility of greater friendships.

I await your response in haste.


Therese Zelle[/i]
[b]Empress of France[/b]

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[b]In Endor Cuidad[/b],

President Richard Mercton was sitting at his desk, hard at work filling out some paperwork when an aide came into his office.

Raising his head to see the aide, a beautiful college intern, Mercton smiled. “[i]Yes, ma’am?[/i]”

“[i]Sir, a letter just arrived for you. It’s from the French Empire, more specifically the Empress of France.[/i]” The intern said, blushing a little, as she passed him a envelope. Mercton didn’t know whether it was from awkwardness of a new job (after all, the intern just began work a week ago) or because of something…else? “[i]Oh, and you don’t have to call me ma’am.[/i]” The intern said quickly.

Mercton flashed his grin that made ladies swoon and melt. “[i]And you don’t have to call me sir.[/i]” He said as he took the envelope. “[i]Call me Richard.[/i]” He chuckled, winking.

“[i]I will, if you call me Marianna.[/i]” The intern quipped.

The President laughed. “[i]Okay, Marianna. Thank you.[/i]” The intern smiled bashfully and left the office.

Still chuckling, Mercton opened the envelope and took out the letter from it. Scanning it, he got out a blank document and began writing a response:

[quote]TO: The Gracious HIH Therese I, Empress of France
FROM: Richard Mercton, President of the Maritime Republic of J Andres


I would be interested, and honored, to let you learn about the J Andrean people and for me to do the same to your people. France is a nation with a long and rich history, and I would look forward to visiting the magnificent country, particularly Versailles. I have this feeling that we shall achieve much there, to further relations between our nations with the same degree of success that we have done so with our neighbors and friends.

I will bring my Foreign Affairs Minister, Mickey Bethesda, with me. I look forward to visiting you and France as well.

Your truly,

Richard Mercton,
President of J Andres[/quote]

With that, Mercton carefully folded the paper and took out a blank envelope, where he promptly placed it in and sealed it. Pressing a button, he called for an aide to come into his office.

Not surprisingly, the lovely intern, Marianna, entered the office. Mercton held out the envelope out for her to take, a grin on his face. “[i]Here you go, Marianna.[/i]” He said. Marianna gracefully took the envelope and grinned. “[i]Thank you, Richard. I’ll take this to the French Embassy.[/i]”

“[i]You know, you’re doing a wonderful job. You considering working here in the future? You know, when your internship finishes?[/i]” He inquired.

A slight blush graced Marianne’s face at the compliment. “[i]Hm…perhaps, I might.[/i]” She teased. Mercton nodded. “[i]You should.[/i]”

“[i]Thank you.[/i]” The intern/aide giggled as she waved and left the office, an extra bounce in her step.

Mercton went back to his paperwork on his desk.

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The delegation from J Andres would be received with the pomp and pageantry of all foreign officials welcomed to France. A red carpet down the stairway of the plane, with a salute of swords from the French Imperial Guard stationed on both sides of the carpeting. At the end of those lines stood General Claire Delacour, Commander of the Guard who bowed low at Mercton and Bethesda. "Your Excellencies, it is a pleasure to see your arrival in France. Her Highness has been anxiously awaiting this visit so if it is okay, we will make all haste to Versailles for your audience. We have a limousine prepared, if you would follow me." Claire turned and led them both towards a waiting black limousine behind her and once they had entered, she entered herself as the driver sped off into the French countryside, nearing the Palace of Versailles.

Entering into the gilded home of the Empress of France was a true sight, tall trees lined the roads leading to the high iron gates separating the palace, and once though those gates the entire majesty and splendor of the French Empire opened up to them. Pristine fountains trickled water at the center of the massive courtyard, finely cut grass and shrubs created a relaxing landscape. As the limousine pulled off near the entrance corridor, the French Foreign Minister, Charles Talles, walked down from the corridor and bowed to the J Andresians. "Monsieurs. Welcome to France and welcome to Versailles. The Empress is currently in the upstairs library, I hope you both came with with appetites, dinner will be served in the library, Her Highness has requested it." Talles turned and led them up through the gilded and decorated halls of Versailles, until they had ventured towards the library. A massive room, bookshelves lining the walls, globes and maps in the center, along with a harpsichord, and Therese sat in a large leather chair with a book in her hands as she stood and bowed as the delegation entered the library.

Her blonde hair was tied neatly under her tiara and her dress trailed softly on the ground as she made her way over to Mercton and Bethesda. "I apologize it took so long for you to get here Monsieurs, but I'm happy you're hear now. I have recently seen a great deal of diplomatic expansion by your country and as neighbors on the North American Continent, relations are a must. Especially given the ambitions of ourselves and your neighbors as well." She gestured at the chairs near her. "Please sit, we need to talk about just how the relations between J Andres and France will be the pinnacle of diplomatic achievement and we would like to know what J Andres would see in such a friendship with France."

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President Richard Mercton grinned as he descended the step at the airport, touched at the welcome in France. Bethesda and several others followed the President down the steps, taking in their surrounding.

When General Claire Delacour made her greetings and indicated them [Mercton and his delegation] to follow her to a waiting limousine, they did so. During the ride, the President and his delegation marveled at the view of the French countryside (“[i]Simply magnificent! Simply magnificent![/i]” Foreign Affairs Minister Mickey Bethesda gushed to General Delacour).

As if the countryside wasn’t amazing enough, the view of the Versailles Palace was truly breathtaking. As the limousine came to a stop in front of the Palace, Mercton and his delegation stepped out of the limo in time to be greeted by the French Foreign Minister, Charles Talles. After exchanging greetings, Mercton laughed when Talles said that he hoped they all came with appetites. “[i]Oh, I’m not hungry. I’m famished.[/i]” Mercton grinned.

Bethesda rolled his eyes. “[i]Oh, please. He had peanuts and a Coke while on the plane.[/i]” He quipped to Talles. Mercton glared at his Foreign Minister. “[i]Please excuse him.[/i]” The President said, gesturing to Bethesda. “[i]Shall we go, then?[/i]”

And so, Mercton and his delegation were led into the palace, where they marveled once again at the beauty of the palace’s interior. When the group entered a massive library, Mercton saw petite lady stand up from the chair she was sitting on and bow to them. She was wearing a flowing dress (OOC: That’s what I presume. Correct me if I’m wrong) as well a tiara on top of her head.

When Therese greeted and apologized to the delegation, Mercton smiled and took her hand, where he kissed it gently. “[i]No need for apologies. It was a pleasant flight, so to say.[/i]” Bethesda did the same as Mercton, kissing Therese’s hand as well. The President and Foreign Minister, as well as others, sat down on the chairs near Therese.

Clearing his throat, Mercton began. “[i]Yes, a relationship between J Andres and France are a must, and I believe it will bring about prosperity between our two nations. As for what we see in such a relationship, I believe it will bring about greatness as well peace not only in our respective spheres (Europe and North America) but also the world. As you may know, we are interested in peace and prosperity.[/i]” The President paused. “[i]What about you, ma’am? What would France see in a relationship with J Andres?[/i]”

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Therese smiled at them as she sat back down and folded her hands over her lap. "Monsieur Mercton, Monsieur Bethesda, I consider the continent of North America almost a second home to the French people. Whilst it seems that many of the nations around the world have since forgotten their French heritage, the culture of the past empires is still alive an well within North America and nowhere is that more apparent then in your neighbors of both Disparu and Louisiana. Recently Excellencies, the Empire has been able to arrive on the continent with great support from the Canadian Imperium. I will not lie in my ambitions on the continent, it is to eventually expand further than our humble holdings on Wales Island, but of course, even though Galicia weighs heavy on the French reputation, we are not murders, I assure you of that."

"Needless to say Monsieurs, France wishes to become apart of the greater North American community, lend our influence to your people's own struggles and perhaps our prosperity and the prosperity of nations like J Andres will help increase one another's strength. However, unfortunately there is no doubt in my mind that there are nations on the continent that have no liking of France, the Eggmen and the Atlantians have already made this quite apparent to us. But I am willing to move beyond those influences and insults and create France to become a positive aspect on the continent. After all, as you said, there is a world for taking, there is no reason to sit around and let lesser powers hog it for themselves. But surely J Andres has greater ambition for their country then simply peace and prosperity, or if it does. What are your definitions of such goals?"

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Mercton remained silent for a few moments to mull over his next words. “[i]To answer your question, ma’am, my intentions for J Andres is to ensure peace and prosperity, of course, as you have stated. But, you are correct in assuming that J Andres has greater ambitions.[/i]” The President grinned. “[i]Why, it aims to achieve world domination one day! I’m joking. Seriously, my plans is to make J Andres one of the most powerful, if not the, nations in the world, on the same level as Rebel Army and the German Democratic Republic.[/i]”

“[i]Besides, even if J Andres were to expand landwise - is that what you are implying? - there would be no room for the country to expand to. And not to mention, it would violate one philosophy that I have honed to perfection and intend to follow it: under my leadership, J Andres will not expand. Managing a large empire has its own problems, these that I simply do not want to have to contend with. After all, I like a huge army in a small nation, heh.[/i]”

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"Of course, I understand that Monsieur, but with the recent collapse of Tahoe there is a power vacuum that will begin to rise. Already you have watched the new United States expand to a great degree. I believe that this will be the beginning of a new hegemony Excellency. One that while not run by one nation, one ruled by an alliance of nations. I doubt that Louisiana will stick to its principles of allowing colonialism, nations do such things to appear friendly to the rest of the world. With Tahoe gone, their true colors will be revealed. I would much rather support a nation such as yours, one that relations have already been solidified, rather than Louisiana who still holds grudges against Scotland, and Atlantis who holds grudges against the French Colony in Canada. Creating a reaction to their expansion and power would be most desirable and the strength of J Andres is legendary. France and J Andres could do a great deal of good allied to each other."

"Mind you." Therese smiled. "This is all speculation, but having a friend such as you and a friend such as myself, there are benefits to both of us. I would be willing at least to propose the creation of a Defense Pact between us."

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“[i]You are correct in the fact that a new hegemony will rise, especially with Tahoe’s fall, but I believe that it had been in place for some time, as evidenced by the increasing influence that Atlantis, Louisiana, Holy America, and now the third United States of America had played in North America. Let us hope that this hegemony will not be….despotic, if you get what I’m saying. So to put it, J Andres will strive to do everything else to promote and safeguard her interests in North America and the world, and no one, [b]no one[/b], not even our friends and allies, will deter us from that. We will do anything we please, and no nation will order us what to do.[/i]”

Mercton cleared his throat before continuing. “[i]As for a defense pact, we would be amicable to signing such an agreement with your fine nation, but we would like to inquire of whether we would be in a position to honor our treaty obligations to you, and vice versa. Perhaps we could maintain a foreign base in each others’ lands?[/i]”

“[i]Also, what type of mutual defense pact do you have in mind. A MDoAP or just a MDP? I would prefer the former, for it offers plenty of options, but I would be willing to discuss this issue further.[/i]”

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"It is good to see a leader as dedicated as yourself Monsieur Mercton, but I'm afraid that my dedication to J Andres cannot at the moment allow foreign bases to be constructed in France. Perhaps as our friendship builds that can be arranged. However, as to your treaty options, we would be interested to sign a Pact of Defense and Optional Aggression. It is something we have no problems with, of course, so long as France is entitled to the spoils of J Andres' eventual expansion. I think with that signed and then in the future after our cultures understand each other better we can open up our lands further. I think we are in agreement with that?"

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Mercton grinned. "[i]What makes you think J Andres will expand eventually? Los Angeles could be called an expansion by some, but to me it was a necessity, not out of desire, so to say. So, technically, Los Angeles doesnt count as an act of expansion.[/i]" The President winked.

"[i]Very well, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact can be arranged. So, shall that be all?[/i]"

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"Lets just call it a hunch darling." Therese patted Mercton's cheek and stood up walking over to her desk in the room and pulled out a piece of parchment. On it was the template for the Optional Aggression and Defense pacts, after a few moments of writing, she presented it to Mercton.

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]

Both the Empire of France and J Andres agree to recognize the sovereignty of each other and do anything to prevent violation of said sovereignty. This includes but is not limited to offensive operations or facilitating offensive operations.

[b]Article II: Intelligence [/b]

The French Empire and J Andres agree to share any and all vital knowledge that might influence the safety of the other. Hiding this information is justification for immediate cancelation.

[b]Article III: Mutual Defense[/b]

The French Empire and J Andres will recognize an attack on one equal to an attack on both, should a nation come under attack the other will retaliate as soon as possible.

[b]Article IV: Optional Aggression[/b]

While the French Empire and J Andres will not be limited in their rights to declare war such a declaration will not require assistance from the other party. However, assistance may be requested and by this treaty is highly recommended to be provided.

[b]Article V: Discussion of War[/b]

Both parties agree that they will not discuss peace on their own nor accept a peace treaty until the other is provided a way out too.

[b]Article VI: Cancellation[/b]

This treaty can be canceled at any time except situations where either one is at war. Cancellation will require seventy-two(72) hours before becoming effective.

[u]Signed for the Empire of France,[/u]

[i]Therese Zelle,[/i]
[b]Empress of France[/b]

[i]Charles Talles,[/i]
[b]Foreign Minister[/b]

"I think this will work."

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Mercton couldnt help but blush a bit when Therese patted his cheek. When, after a few moments, Therese placed the document in front of Mercton, the President promptly got out his special pen and scribbled in his signature:

[quote]Signed for the [b]Maritime Republic of J Andres[/b],

[i]Richard Mercton,

"[i]With that, the friendship between France and J Andres is cemented. May it prosper![/i]" The President smiled as he stood up and took Therese's hand in his, kissing it softly. "[i]So....everything is finished, then?[/i]" He inquired.

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"I believe it is Monsieur Mercton. I appreciate that you were able to meet with me, but I'm afraid that I have nothing else on the agenda for us to discuss. So unless you have a pressing matter to inquire with me, I can have General Delacour escort you and your entourage back to the airport."

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