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Bringing an old treaty back


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ENDOR CUIDAD - President Richard Mercton announced in a press statement today that following secret deliberations with representatives of Australia, he is hereby reinstating the “[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=45459&st=0&p=1192956&hl=A%20little%20unity&fromsearch=1&#entry1192956"]If you Dug a Hole Through the Center of the Earth Treaty[/url]”, a treaty that was signed by the first J Andres and Promised Land in 2009.

The draft of the treaty goes as follow, albeit with several modifications:

[quote][center][b][size="4"]If you Dug a Hole Through the Center of the Earth Treaty[/size][/b][/center]

The Maritime Republic of J Andres and the Queendom of Australia come together to sign this treaty as a physical representation of their friendship and to accomplish their shared goal of a better global community.

[b]Article I:[/b]
The signatory nations declare that they will honor each other’s sovereignty and will not try to impose their will on internal affairs, or use military force against the other signatory at any time.

[b]Article II:[/b]
The signatory nations declare that they will privately notify each other if a threat to the security of either signatory is known.

[b]Article III:[/b]
Both signatories agree to allow free trade with reduced tariffs between each other, and will not hinder the trading enterprises of each other. Both signatories agree that should one signatory come into financial hardship, the other signatory will make the best effort possible to fulfill this aid request. All signatory ports are open to civilian vessels from the other signatory during both peace and war time.

[b]Article IV:[/b]
If either signatory wishes to withdraw from the terms of this treaty, they must privately notify the other signatory 96 hours in advance. After this 96 hour period, the signatory must publicly announce that they are withdrawing from the treaty and are no longer bound by its terms.[/quote]

Signed for the [b]Maritime Republic of J Andres[/b],
[i]Richard Mercton, President
Mickey Bethesda, Minister of Foreign Affairs
King Josef I[/i]

Signed for the [b]Queendom of Australia[/b],
[i]HG Anthony Harlem[/i]

According to Mercton, "[i]we believe that such step that we have recently taken will contribute to the resumption and furthering of the historic relations between J Andres and Australia that will be forged on the international world over time. Here’s to the treaty![/i]"

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Hearing of their neighbors advances in diplomacy with Australia, it inspired the U.S.A. to contact the Australian's foreign affairs office.

[quote name="Diplomatic Memo"]
Would the Queendom of Australia care to engage with the United States in a similar treaty to that which we have signed with our neighbor J Andres? We have found our neighbors to share much in common with us and given the heritage of some of our culture it seems wise that we should attempt to obtain closer ties.

President William Caudill

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The response was short and to the point.

[quote name='Anthony Harlem']
Mr. President,

The Queendom does not lightly engage in treaties of obligatory defense outside its area of influence. The most you can realistically expect at this time is a NAP with an economic agreement.

~Anthony Harlem, Grand Duke[/quote]

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[quote name='JEDCJT' date='20 May 2010 - 11:09 PM' timestamp='1274422133' post='2306619']
OOC: Subtle, I remember you mentioned that there was other stuff that needed to be edited, but I forgot what it was. Please enlighten me? :v:
OOC: The Defense article was to be completely removed.

Also, once you do that, here are the signatures.

[size=3][i]~HG Anthony Harlem[/i][/size]

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