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Ragnarok and NPO ...

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... did not sign a treaty tonight.

Ba-doom psh!



Ragnarok has always been a living, breathing entity that is not afraid of change. Over the last two and a half years we have altered our government structure, as well as our policies and procedures, several times with much success. With that in mind, I have a few announcements to make:

[b]Phase two of our MAC Program:[/b] Our internal guideline for membership in Ragnarok has hit phase two. Over twenty expulsion messages went out in the last few days to further cull nations that we feel do not fit into the RoK way of doing things. These nations are either inactive, refuse to aid, or refuse to properly build their nation.

[b]Ragnarok has done away with elections:[/b] RoK will now only hold elections for deputies. These elections will occur every 60 days and will not be announced to the public.

[b]Ragnarok has eliminated several government positions:[/b] Several of our departments have folded into larger departments and no longer exist as separate entities. Those departments are: Compliance, Tech, Trades, Recruitment, Information, and Education. Only Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, War, and Finance remain and each will be ran by one appointed Lord.

[left]Appointed this term:

IA: Daedric_Banrae
FA: Joe Stupid
War: Yukon Don
Finance: El_Hefe[/left]

[b]Changes to the Ruling Council:[/b] Jekalle and Kinzer have retired to advisor positions in Ragnarok. Both of these individuals have served in the Ruling Council for several months and have been vital to our success. I personally thank them and wish them nothing but the best in what we hope is a short retirement from government duty.

Replacing Jekalle and Kinzer in the Ruling Council will be KaitlinK and mykep.

KaitlinK came to RoK last fall and worked hard to move up the ranks. Starting as an advisor and jack-of-all-trades, she eventually moved up the military chain of command until she became RoK's Lord of War (or Mistress of War) -- the individual responsible for the entirety of RoK's military.

Mykep has been at RoK the majority of the last thirty months and has done it all. He is the one person we know will accept any position in Ragnarok and perform admirably. One would be hard pressed to name a department in Ragnarok that mykep has not run.

To summarize, the RoK Ruling Council is currently:

Emperor: Van Hoo III

Regent: Tautology

Vice Regent: Rampage3

High Chancellor: Valtamdraugr

Vice Chancellor: KaitlinK

Consul: Mykep[/center]

Congratulations to everyone appointed to RoK government this term. I look forward to working with you all.

Thank you.

Van Hoo III

Emperor of Ragnarok

Note: Since he asked me nicely to say it ... Rheal was here.

Edited by Van Hoo III
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[b][size=5][color="#FF0000"]No Treaty[/color][/size][/b][/center]

The New Pacific Order and Ragnarok did not sign a treaty.

[i]Emperor Blackbird
New Pacific Order
Comrade Chuckles[/i]

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[quote name='Cortath' date='19 May 2010 - 10:31 PM' timestamp='1274333488' post='2304574']


[b][size=5][color="#FF0000"]No Treaty[/color][/size][/b][/center]

The New Pacific Order and Ragnarok did not sign a treaty.

[i]Emperor Blackbird
New Pacific Order
Comrade Chuckles[/i]

I support this statement.

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Good grief, I nearly peed myself when I saw this title.

In other news, Rok's plethora of quality and experienced leaders, is disgusting <_<

Mykep and KaitlinK in Gov, is just sexy. You'd be hard pressed to find a that quality of gov in most alliances in CN.

o/ Rok
o/ Mykep

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