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The East is Red


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A Red Sun over China[/center]

In a high atmospheric test, the Dragon's Curse thermo nuclear warhead was successfully tested over the Pacific Ocean. The weapon's power exceeded expectation.

The United States of China simultaneously declares itself a nuclear power and thermo nuclear power. We hereby announce our no first use policy. In other news the United States of China has announced the deployment of 6 Pacific Wolf Class Battlecruisers and two Imperator Class Nuclear Powered Carriers as the first in what everyone can expect to be the rapid deployment of our blue water fleet project we have had underway for some time now.

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President Richard Mercton sat at his desk in his office in Endor Cuidad, watching the news on a HDTV screen on the wall across from where he was sitting in. He had a slightly disappointed expression on his face. The reason was not the nuclear tests that had been taking place across the world lately, but because the busty anchor lady was replaced by a lean anchor man.

‘Hmph, I’m ever handsomer than that excuse of a man.’ Mercton thought to himself sourly, clearly missing the lovely sight of the anchor lady. ‘Man, if only you were there on the screen, Sophia…’ Sophia Hernandez was the name of the anchor lady. Millions of men across the nation probably thought the same as he was thinking of as of right now, the President mused to himself.

[center][img]http://jeffrickard.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/dagmar.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Sophia Hernandez was replaced by...[/i][/center]

[center][img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_UQeAcp_Y6SA/SoOSMBdrOeI/AAAAAAAAALQ/RuuWWNNiK5U/s400/anchorman.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]...this man[/i][/center]

Mercton grumbled as he turned the TV off. “[i]Man, for some reason, the news has not been interesting lately. Such are the news…[/i]” He mused as he leaned back, propped his legs up on his desk, and crossed his arms, still pouting.


“We congratulate our ally, the United States of China, for its successful nuclear test, and this goes for all the other nations that have done so. We welcome them to the nuclear club, and we trust that they will use their new-found powers wisely, and by that, we mean as a last resort only to be used when all other options has been used.”

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The Imperium of Canada, whilst respecting and understanding the decision to obtain, test and stockpile nuclear weapons, condemns not only the above ground test, but the attainment of nuclear weapons in general.

Enough Nations in this world can cause a nuclear holocaust, and one more is not a good thing.

That said, congratulations on obtaining your bomb.

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