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A joint announcement

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[center][b]The Ordinance of Chaos[/b][/center]

1.The New Sith Order and The New Pacific Order will not take actions to harm one another.

2. The New Sith Order and The New Pacific Order will defend one another in the event of war. This obligation shall be considered annulled in the event that that war was a result of another treaty obligation. Note that although the obligation is annulled, both sides still maintain the right to defend one another in this situation.

3. The New Sith Order and New Pacific Order are encouraged to relay information and intelligence relevant to the security and well-being of each alliance

4. Diplomacy will be the first course of action used to resolve any disputes that arise between the New Sith Order and The New Pacific Order.

5. This treaty may be canceled by either party with the provision of 72 hours notice.

Signed for the New Sith Order:
LintWad, Sith Emperor and Sovereign Lord of the Dark Side
Heggo, Dark Lord
Lennox, Sith Lord
Anthony, Sith Lord
Jrenster, Sith Lord
Dilber, Sith Master of Lies
CodyHaner, Sith Marauder of Lies
KainIIIC, Sith Marauder of Lies
Tha One, Sith Marauder of Lies

Signed for the New Pacific Order:
Emperor Blackbird, New Pacific Order, Comrade Chuckles
Mary the Fantabulous, Imperial Regent, Reformed Nuetral Menace
VektorZero, Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs, Master of Seducing Off-Shore Women

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