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Tech Reduction Of Infra Upkeep


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[i]Technology lowers infrastructure upkeep costs up to a maximum 10% discount based on the following formula: (Technology Level * 2) / Nation Strength = Percent off infrastructure upkeep bill.[/i]

Since tech increases NS by 5, the maximum reduction percentage is given as 2*NS/5*NS, or simply 2/5, which gives 0.4%.

Admin implies that the formula returns the percentage reduction and not a modifier - would I be right to say that the maximum possible reduction is 0.4%, therefore making the 10% cap pointless? Or is the 2/5 in fact a modifier, and if so should the wording not be changed to make this clearer?


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2/5 would give .4 or 40%, no? so there is a reason to have the cap. That assumes a nation with 0 infra and any amount of tech.

My nation would work like this:

(2 * 4 240.90) / 62 362.946 = 0.136007045 so 13% off the bill. That is capped at 10% however.

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