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Angels Descent Pact


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[size=5][b][u]Angels Descent Pact[/size][/b][/u]

Preamble: In the name of security, prosperity, and friendship the nations of Blue Heaven and Louisiana hereby annouce this mutual defence pact.

1. Both nations are required to help each other in case of attack.

2. Neither nation is required to help the other in acts of aggression.

3. [i]Anti-Chaining Clause: [/i]If a signatory is attacked and is not a defender at the initial point of the conflict, then the treaty does not go into effect.

4. This pact may be canceled at anytime, the articles will remain in affect for forty-eight hours once the canceling nation informs the other nation.

[b]Signed for Blue Heaven[/b]

[i]Lila Nevak, Prime Minister

Jose Vicke, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Daisy Kins, Minister of Defense

Blue Heaven Parliament[/i]

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