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Gravatus Populus Announcement

Commander Kwan

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[u][b]CNN World News[/b][/u]
10:49 PM
[u][b]Anchor -[/b][/u] Good evening folks! Tonight we interrupt your regular broadcasting to bring you startling news. As I'm sure of all our viewers know, an ongoing situation with the Nebraska rebels has waged for the last 6 months. For those that are unfamiliar with this issue, I will briefly explain. About 6 months ago a small cell of self described "freedom fighters" announced their choice to leave the United States. Supposedly this entire cell was residing in a small town in Nebraska. They announced this via face book, with most taking it as a joke. This joke fell apart quickly however, after it was made public that the group had developed a tactical nuclear weapon. We'd now like to bring you footage of the original video which it was revealed they had this weaponry.

[url="http://yfrog.com/16kwancj"]TV News Screenshot[/url]

[i](New video begins. A photo of Commander Kwan is shown, along with his voice playing in the background.)[/i]

[url="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_GBSz-tqrLM4/SZsl-CGSByI/AAAAAAAABO4/VDFa3VX7NWQ/s320/red+beret+ManWithRedBeret.jpg"]Picture of Commander Kwan[/url]

[b][u]Man[/b][/u] - Good evening America! As many of you know, and for those that don't, I am Commander Kwan. I speak to you tonight to announce something great. As we all know, things in this "great" country of ours aren't going so well. A recession, jobs are scarce, and our personal freedoms are constantly invaded. Well fellow Americans, I am here today to announce something great. I intend to announce officially, the nation of Gravatus Populus; residing in current Nebraska will leave the United States. Obviously, this isn't something that would normally be accepted by our corrupt government, but that is where our part lies. You see fellow Americans and US Government, we have managed to get our hands on a tactical nuclear weapon. We aren't going to tell you where this weapon is, just know if you fail to comply with our demands for our own nation of 500 x 500 miles, we WILL detonate this weapon in DC, and we will also go as far as to say there may be more like it. Please, call your senators, call your government for your own sake. For if you citizens don't speak up it will be your own fault when you become collateral damage. This is Commander Kwan, over and out.

[b][u]Anchor[/u][/b] - Well I'm sure we can all remember how disturbing that video is, but what is also more disturbing is the fact that recent news has come that one of these devices was tested in the Atlantic ocean, as a sample of what could happen in America. Further more, the US Government has decided to accept these terms, and grant sovereignty to this nation. We here at CNN believe this is a sad day for America, and that this might just signal the beginning of the end for us as a nation. We will now have our political analysts begin to speak on this tragic event.

Edited by Commander Kwan
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[center][size="5"][font="Palatino Linotype"][color="#8B0000"]GRAVATUS POPULUS NEWS AGENCY[/color][/font][/size][/center]
[center]5:04 AM[/center]

[i]Broadcasting via Radio Wave[/i]

[u][b]Voice on Radio[/b][/u] - Praise be to freedom! Good morning Gravatus Populous! You are tuning into the first ever broadcast of GPN. For those that know, and those that don't; we have succeeded in our mission. The imperialst American machine has cowered under our threats of nuclear weapons, and we now own our own nation. In this broadcast we are going to cover breaking news, and we will also hear from the Supreme Commander Kwan later in the show! But first, lets begin with the breaking stories of the day.

* Our top story tonight takes us to the outskirts of our city. Late last night, a group of unknown American supporters attempted to attack our great nation via our capatal of Airohpue. This attack was of course futile, as our small but effective milita was able to quickly defeat the enemy with only 5 losses on our side. As a response to this quick and decisive attack, Commander Kwan has ordered an immediate wall be built around our nation as quickly as possible. As a measure of national security, he has also restricted travel in and ourside of Gravatus beginning at 12:00PM tommorow. Along with this, a curfew of 8:00 PM is now in effect.

*In other news, Commander Kwan announced today his massive plan for the nation. His plan is to focus on our military, and gain influence in the sorrounding state of Nebraska.

Now, we bring you Commander Kwan himself, for his first ever GPNA speech!

[b][u]Commander Kwan -[/b][/u] Dear citizens and patriots! I speak to you today with the warmest of hearts, for a great day is upon us! We have been through trials of fire and pain, all to reach this dear day when we can call ourselves the nation of Gravatus. I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart that I am proud of each citizen who has supported us. With that said, I am not hear to pamper you with kind words. For the enemy waits at our doorstep, and would gladly destroy what we have hoped to accomplish! Because of this, I must take drastic steps to ensure your safety, for we have seen last night in the failed terrorist attack, we are not invincible. So, now I will lay down before you several exceutive orders, which will take place at designated times. While our government has not had time to ratify any type of constitution, I am giving all police power to excercise extreme prejustice. I am declaring a shoot-to-kill order on any citizen that violates any of the following laws I am setting, as no prision system is yet avaliable.

1. A curfew of 8:00 PM is now in effect. After last nights late attack, it is necessary for our police force and milita to keep track of anyone out of place. A standing shoot-to-kill order is in effect here. In other words, if you choose to remain outside past 8, and are not police or milita, you are risking certain death.

2. All currency is now banned and invalid, as well as all jobs. For the next week we as a nation will be rationing off food. No one is to work until we have all borders secure. Please note, the future economic and social system is not yet in place, so have patience with us. With this said, all businesses with the exception of one hospital, and gas stations are closed until further notice. We will have staff of our choice run these establishments, once again, this is for the good of national security.

3. The borders to this great nation are now closed. Anyone attempting to enter or leave Gravatus will be shot on sight. We can not risk spies escaping, or enemies entering into our nation. Until a time we have proper ways to document citizens, I'm afraid this law will remain.

4. As Supreme Commander, I have decided it is best for national security to ban all private firearm ownership. I have a list of registered firearm owners, and you can expect our secret police force to come by to collect your weapons within a few days. No comphensation will be given however, as these weapons will go to our milita, and be used for your protection.

5. Cell phones and internet will be banned for a set amount of time. This is to prevent false information from getting into our perfect society, and spies from leaking our secrets out.

With that said, you should expect us to ratify a constitution within one week. Until that time, please, remain indoors and await further instructions. Enjoy your vacation, and please wait for the end of the broadcast to find out where your local food bank will be depositing rations, and it's pick up time for your local community. Thank you, and may God be with Gravatus!

[b][u]Voice on Radio[/b][/u]- Well folks, you've heard it from the man himself. We'd now like to also announce that all radio waves will be terminated until further notice, with the exception of your daily news broadcast. Military and police must use these airwaves for offical work, and for this we do apologize. Please, enjoy your time in Gravatus Populus! And remember, if you suspect your neighbor is a spy, REPORT, REPORT, REPORT!

Edited by Commander Kwan
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