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NADC and CCC Announcement

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For some time now, the NADC and CCC have been cultivating a growing relationship based on shared values and common ground that is looking brighter and brighter everyday. Therefore, the leadership of both alliances thought it best to commemorate this friendship within the global community with a treaty. It gives me great pleasure to announce the following treaty.

[quote][b][center][size="4"]The NADC - CCC Amity and Cooperation Treaty[/size]


[i]The following document is verified as a genuine Amity and Cooperation Treaty, and as such contains conditions for etiquette, obligatory intelligence sharing, and optional military & financial assistance.[/i]

[center][b]I. Preamble[/b][/center]

This treaty recognizes that the North Atlantic Defense Coalition and the Christian Coalition of Countries share a unique bond with one another. This treaty endeavors to firmly solidify that relationship by providing both signatories with the legal justification to honor their friendship by coming to the aid of one another in times of need.

This treaty is signed in good faith, and is based upon the noble ideals of friendship and cooperation common to all of us. It is signed not only in the pursuit of peace, which many times becomes stagnant, but in the hopes that both signatory alliances will work together to actively pursue a better future and to ensure that cooperation will take the place of violence and rash aggression. In the signing of this treaty, it must be clear that both organizations and their members will remain sovereign.

[center][b]II. Terms[/b][/center]

The community of Planet Bob should expect that the following terms will be upheld by both signatories as a result of the friendship that they share.

[center][b]a. Non-Aggression[/b][/center]

No member nation of either alliance will declare war on any member nation of the other, provide aid (be it military, money, technology, or knowledge) to enemies of the other, or commit acts of espionage against the other.

[center][b]b. Etiquette[/b][/center]

The signatory alliances and their members will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would their own members. Signatories will show tact and consideration when addressing any grievances, namely by making full use of proper diplomatic channels.

[center][b]c. Assistance[/b][/center]

In all cases, an explanation is expected to be provided to the one signatory if the other signatory cannot fulfill its request for assistance.

_[i]_____i. Discretionary[/i]
Concerning requests for military assistance against a foreign alliance and requests for financial aid, neither signatory is legally bound to grant such requests. However, should a request be made through official channels by one signatory, the other is highly encouraged to participate. Additionally, if no request is made by a signatory that is in need of aid, the other signatory is still highly encouraged to offer their assistance. Let it be known that this treaty provides all signatories with full legal justification to enter a conflict that concerns the other, if they so choose.

[i]______ii. Non-discretionary[/i]
Concerning hostile independent nations and requests for intelligence, signatories are bound to honor such requests with the full measure of their resources. If it is requested, providing military and/or financial assistance to one signatory that is engaged in warfare against an unaffiliated rogue nation(s) is required. Additionally, any information gathered by one signatory with potential impact on the security of the other will be promptly and privately forwarded to them.

[center][b]d. Withdrawal[/b][/center]

If either signatory alliance feels that this treaty has been unjustly violated and resulting diplomatic negotiations have not offered any sort of resolution, they have the right to withdraw from the treaty by the express will of their respective decision making bodies. Notification of withdrawal must be given to the other signatory within forty-eight hours. Should this treaty be revoked by either alliance, a twenty-four hour grace period begins in which neither alliance may declare war on the other, after which no such rules apply.

[center][b]Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition[/b]

Da Supe, [b]Secretary General[/b]
tony2456, [b]Deputy Secretary General[/b]
Legend, [b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]

[b]The Atlantic Council[/b]


[b]Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries[/b]

Les Paul Supreme, [b]Chancellor[/b]
saxasm, [b]Vice Chancellor[/b]
Zion7, [b]Minister of Internal Affairs[/b]
King wilkinson, [b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]
CVTWayne, [b]Minister of Defence[/b]


Here's to a even stronger bond with our friends at CCC. :)

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Let me start out by saying, this is a very special treaty. The ACT treaty was originally thought up and created by the NADC's founder, Azure Mantle. It was created long ago, when ToA were becoming to look like glorified NAPs (keep in mind, this was during the time that there was a "ToA Web" just as there was an "MDP Web"). Not willing to stand by while the ToA became useless (As the NADC was the first alliance to ever sign a ToA), Azure set out to make a new treaty that would take the place of the ToA, one which would fufil the intentions that fueled the creation of the ToA. It gives me pride to say that the CCC was the first alliance we've had the pleasure to grow to know and begin reusing the ACT with. I believe that this friendship is the kind that Azure wanted an ACT to represent.

:wub: CCC

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