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Mickey Bethesda, reveling in his recent diplomatic successes - including but not limited to the new relationship, as well as a defense treaty, with the United States of China - sat down in his office and typed out a new document. This time, it was addressed to a neighbor: Atlantis.


On behalf of President Richard Mercton and the Maritime Republic of J Andres, I would like to invite you to a meeting to further relations between our nations. The meeting will be held in our capital, Endor Cuidad, and it would be an honor to meet with you.

Your truly,
Mickey Bethesda,
Minister of Foreign Affairs

With that, Bethesda handed the folded telegraph to an aide to be given to the Atlantic Embassy in Endor Cuidad, a short distance from the Adrik Annan Governmental Center building. He now leaned back on his chair and waited…

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Eyvindsson received the message from his Foreign Affairs office and immediately wrote a response that he would attend the meeting proposed by J Andres. Besides the fact that they were powerful neighbors and it was a good idea to be on friendly terms with them, J Andres had given them a large part of his nation's land and he knew he owed it to J Andres and to the citizens of his nation to attend such a summit, even amidst the current war.

The flight taken out of Grand Falls and to Endor Ciudad was unlike normal diplomatic flights in the luxurious presidential jet. Rather, the plane was simple and unmarked and two decoys accompanied it, along with a squadron of fighter jets. These were the precautions being carried out while Atlantis was at war with the Tahoe Republic. The President didn't mind too much, though he felt a strange longing for the personal bar located on his presidential plane.

Less intoxicated than he might have been, Eyvindsson waited as the plane slowly touched the ground and after it had stopped he got out, ready to meet his neighbors and friends.

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Atlantis didn’t need to worry about security precautions. The J Andres government had already made it clear that its neutrality in the current war was to be respected; its lands, airspace, and waters were to be off-limits to any and all military vehicles, vassals, and aircrafts of Tahoe and the Coalition. Any nation that wished to shoot down the plane carrying Eyvindsson would have to be ready to incur J Andres’s wrath, not only for violating its neutrality but also attacking its soon-to-be ally. Besides, the Air Force - though in the process of reorganization - was more than adequate not only to protect J Andrean air space but also Eyvindsson’s plane. The fighter jets escorting the President’s aircrafts were allowed into J Andres’s skies; this would seem to make its declaration of neutrality moot, except it actually didn’t. You see, it was on the business of diplomacy only. That, and the aircraft was unmarked, anyways.

When Eyvindsson’s aircraft arrived at Endor Cuidad, he would be greeted by nothing other than President Richard Mercton himself. Mercton, escorted by Mickey Bethesda, greeted the Atlantic President and exchanged pleasantries. Once this was out of the way, Eyvindsson would be escorted to a waiting limousine; the limo would then take them through the streets of Endor Cuidad to the monumental Adrik Annan Governmental Center.

[center][img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090827060718/cybernations/images/1/1d/Aagc.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]The Adrik Annan Governmental Center[/i][/center]

Once they arrived, Mercton and his delegation would escort Eyvindsson into the imposing governmental building, guarded by Kommissazul troopers and special police officers. Inside, they would go to the Conference Room, diagonal to Bethesda’s office on the second floor. Upon entering, Mercton and Bethesda took seats at one end of a long conference table and waited for the Atlantic president to take a seat.

Clearing his throat, Mercton cut to the chase. “[i]I know your nation is currently at war as of right now, and there are more important aspects for you to do, so I thank you deeply for making the time to travel here. As Mr. Bethesda here stated in his telegram he sent to you[/i] (Bethesda glared at Mercton at being referred to as a ‘Mr.’ He hated it as it made him feel old) [i]we have called together this meeting to build a solid basis for a prosperous friendship and relationship between our nations.[/i]”

Pausing for his words to sink in, Mercton continued on. “[i]As you might as well know, this includes the possibility of an economic or defense treaty, or perhaps both, between Atlantis and J Andres. Or perhaps only a non-aggression pact, for that matter. So, what do you think?[/i]” He inquired, smiling at Eyvindsson.

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Ty sat himself at the table and nodded, listening to the two men. At the talk of proposed relationships, Eyvindsson began to speak. [i]"One of Atlantis's primary diplomatic goals at this point is to begin productive relations between our two nations. Your nation has provided ours with much of our land, and as a result both our government and people hold J Andres in very high regard. We welcome a commitment of non-aggression however we also would be more than willing to also extend the treaty to include economic and military clauses. I must note however, that any military treaty would be both mutual defense and optional aggression. This allows us to best assist and promote our allies during times of conflict. Also, I'd suggest a clause with intelligence sharing between our nations in such a treaty as well."[/i]

The discussion of a military treaty had inevitably brought the conversation to the war with the Tahoe Republic. [i]"You are right, we have decided to continue the war against the Tahoe Republic, a position much of the government and nation still feels strongly about. Actually, I've received word that Tahoe has surrendered Nova Scotia to us, preventing what was to be a large-scale invasion. I'm quite surprised, though it really would have been a waste of resources and men on their part when they are already fighting on multiple fronts. As it stands, it is also quite likely that we will be joining our long-time allies Louisiana in a possible assault on Cuba and the Bahamas. Of course, we completely respect your neutrality and we will not ask you to join in the fight, regardless of any treaty signed here. We are simply letting you know of possible plans, so as not to be surprised by any Atlantis troop movements. I'm sure our ambassador will keep you informed of all updated once I have left, as well." [/i]

After he had finished speaking, Eyvindsson took a sip from the glass of water and waited for the other men's reactions.

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Mercton considered Eyvindsson’s words for a moment. Nodding, he smiled. “[i]So, this proposed treaty…it can be a non-aggression pact, intelligence-sharing, economic, mutual defense and optional aggression pact, all in one? It would be complete package, something that I believe would be too good an opportunity to pass up.[/i]”

“[i]As for the war against Tahoe…thank you for respecting J Andres’s neutrality. We will not step into the fight on our own accord, for any proposed treaty between our nations will have to take effect once Tahoe has been defeated. Yes, I predict Tahoe’s defeat.[/i]” Mercton chuckled at the last part of his statement.

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[i]"Well, I'm sure going to try and prove you right,"[/i] Eyvindsson said while laughing with his counterpart.[i]"Anyways, it seems we are in agreement with the treaty. Do you by chance have such a treaty ready?"[/i] The President drew out a pen in anticipation.

As he waited, Eyvindsson also began to speak about some other issues on his mind. [i]"I'm also curious what you think about France's recent expansion in North America. And also about the newly reformed USA you gave a large portion of your protectorate to."[/i]

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Mercton nodded. He beckoned for an aide to come. The aide, carrying a briefcase, did so. The President opened the briefcase and took out a document. He then got out a special pen and scribbled his signature, passing it on to Minister Bethesda, who did the same.

"[i]Here you go. Hope it will be to your satisfaction.[/i]" Mercton smiled. "[i]And to answer your questions, we dont have any problems with what France is doing in North America, as long as it doesn't try to use force to get what it seeks. As for the United States of America, we view them as an ally, and I know we will have cordial relations, so to say. What do you think about them?[/i]"

[quote][center][b][size="5"]Maritimes Pact[/size][/b][/center]

[b][size="4"]Article I:[/size][/b]
The Maritime Republic of J Andres and the Atlantic States are friends on the world stage, and it shall be that way.

[b][size="4"]Article II:[/size][/b]
Each signatory shall respect the sovereignty of the each other, and thus shall not commit any action that limits or otherwise hinders the each other’s sovereignty. Each signatory shall not commit any hostile actions, any, against the each other, including but not limited to espionage activities and acts of war.

[b][size="4"]Article III:[/size][/b]
Each signatory shall maintain open borders with each other. As such, no restrictions nor controls shall be imposed in each other’s borders. Citizens of both signatory nations are free to travel to the other with little intervention. Ports/harbors in both signatory nations shall be open to civilian vessels of the each other during peace time and during war; military vessels are only allowed in ports during times of war. Each signatory agrees to provide economic assistance to the each other should it be needed.

[b][size="4"]Article IV:[/size][/b]
Each signatory shall lower tariff rates in regards to the each other, as to increase trade between the two nations. There shall be free trade between the two signatory nations.

[b][size="4"]Article V:[/size][/b]
When a signatory nation is attacked by a third party, the other signatory nation is required to provide military, economic, or logistical support to that signatory nation.

[b][size="4"]Article VI:[/size][/b]
If a signatory nation engages in an aggressive war against another nation, the other signatory nation is encouraged, though not required, to aid the attacking nation in every way possible.

[b][size="4"]Article VII:[/size][/b]
Each signatory of this document and treaty agree to share any intelligence amongst one another if said information pertains a possible threat to the sovereignty of any signatory.

[b][size="4"]Article VIII:[/size][/b]
Should any signatory deem it necessary to cancel this treaty, a 96-hour notice shall be given.[/quote]

Signed for the [b]Maritime Republic of J Andres[/b],
[i]Richard Mercton,
President of J Andres

Mickey Bethesda,
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the [b]Atlantic States[/b],

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