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The Ushiromiya Destiny

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Ushiromiya Holdings Co. was a company established by Kinzo Ushiromiya with divisions in various parts of Japan, alongside a few minor international divisions. Where Kinzo's fortune had come from was a mystery, as legend held the he amassed a great fortune in one night, tons upon tons of gold, and used such to finance the company's beginnings and even it's operations to the current day. Whether the rumors held out to be true or not was precisely why they were rumors, nobody knew the truth. The Ushiromiya family, part of the wealthy upper-class among Japanese society, maintained a westernized culture about them while keeping Japanese traditions alive amongst the family members. Throughout the history of the company, it had maintained a decent profit and the family had been able to live off this profit with little problems, except for the small moments of economic stagnation and resets during regime changes. However, Kinzo had always dreamed of acquiring true political power beyond wealth for the family to secure them a future that would be infinitely golden in it's prospects. However much Kinzo Ushiromiya wished for such to be possible, not many members of the family agreed and his death only four months prior to the current time would only serve to deepen a succession crisis now rooted into the family.

[quote]Ushiromiya Family Tree

Head - Kinzo Ushiromiya

Branch #1 - Krauss & Natsuhi Ushiromiya
- Children: Jessica Ushiromiya

Branch #2 - Eva & Hideyoshi Ushiromiya
- Children: George Ushiromiya

Branch #4 - Rudolf & Kyrie Ushiromiya
- Children: Battler & Ange Ushiromiya

Branch #5 - Rosa Ushiromiya
- Children: Maria Ushiromiya

Servants -
- Kanon, Shannon, Chiyo Kumasawa, Toshiro Gohda, Terumasa Nanjo, Genji Ronoue[/quote]

The succession crisis that existed would drag on for months, resulting in no bloodshed but constant bickering, and feuding amongst the family members. Inevitably, the members of the family settled to go through a series of 'tests' that would show their determination, willingness to sacrifice, and dedication to pursuing the title of 'family head'. Although all of the members of the family believed themselves prepared for this, many of them did not make pass their tests or get through a sufficient amount to consider themselves among the first round of 'victors'. In the process of 'The Game' as they began to affectionately call it, none of the family members would perish in some the more fatally invented 'tests'. While some would come close to death, 'The Game' would only harden their resolve. In the end, the 'tests' were narrowed down to the children of the family, to test their succession rights. Many of them faltered, simply failing the tests because of their unwillingness to advance towards the coveted position (out of their own personal reasons), and only Ange and Battler were left to remain the victors of 'The Game'. By striking a deal, Ange handed all control of the company over to her brother Battler (who was far better at management), and explained to him of a path she planned to pursue on her own. For long, she had been in contact with the Empress, Haruhi Suzumiya, whom from experience seemed to growing more and more restless with her position, and willing to give it up. Over time, Ange was able to speak delicately to the Empress as a friend, and give her much needed advice: That her job was killing her, and that it was obvious she couldn't go on doing it without taking a toll on her youth and the prospects of her child. Much to her suprise, Haruhi issued her final Imperial Decree to be directed towards Ange and the Ushiromiya family. The Imperial Decree read as follows:

[quote]Imperial Decree, Finale:

It has come to my attention that my youth, and the time I have to spend with my child dwindles with my current position as Empress. In the past few years, I have united my people and my nation and met the goals I set forward to accomplish. I have done my job for this nation, and although the people love me, I believe they will understand correctly what I am about to do. For long, I have found a companion in Ms. Ange Ushiromiya, the granddaughter of the former head of Ushiromiya Holdings Co., a strong financial entity within the Japanese Empire whose grandchildren are known for their elegance and westernization, along with their strong grasp of Japanese traditions regardless of their westernization. It is with my final act, that per this decree, I abdicate my throne voluntarily in favor of Ange Ushiromiya and end the 'House of Karafuto's' reign over the country for good. Now with this done, I can finally spend the much needed time with my daughter, and enjoy the rest of my life in solitude within the wandering hills of the countryside.

Signed, Haruhi Suzumiya
[Imperial Seal Here][/quote]

Ange Ushiromiya was shocked upon reading such a declaration by the Empress, and now found herself in a position she never expected: Empress of Japan. With her stoic expression still fixated as normal, she departed the family island (Rokkenjima), and left a note for her family. Today was the dawn of the 'One-Winged Eagle' over Japan, and the continuing of what Haruhi strove for: a Japanese nation. Ange couldn't possibly know everything she would do upon taking the throne, but she had some ideas in mind. With these set in stone, she caught the nearest boat to the capital of Nishinomiya and only hours later prepared her first official speech.

[quote]Empress Ushiromiya's Speech:

People of Japan, Nations of the World,

It is with great pleasure and humble heart that I step forward today as more than just Ange Ushiromiya, but Empress of Japan. Haruhi has provided this nation with the guidance and direction it needed to get started, and given us hopes and dreams, and filled us with the ability to realize that a Japanese state can exist in more than just our imaginations. I would like the proclaim today as a day of mourning, with all flags at half-mast due to Haruhi's departure from the Imperial Household, and the seat of Empress. Many challenges lie ahead, and a new political direction is on the horizon as we strive to continue Empress Suzumiya's journey with a new twist. I would like to also make it effective immediately that the capital is now hereby returned to it's rightful location, Tokyo. With the damage from nuclear radiation cleaned up, and re-building almost complete (the Imperial Palace is re-built along with most older buildings), such a move is satisfactory to be closer to my people.[/quote]

With that said, and with a new horizon at the end of the valley, Ange Ushiromiya became Empress of Japan and the 'House of Ushiromiya' began it's existence.

[i]Empress Ange Ushiromiya (22) of the Greater Japanese Empire[/i]

[i]Imperial Flag of the 'House of Ushiromiya'[/i]

[quote]Government of the Greater Japanese Empire:

Empress - Ange Ushiromiya
Chancellor - Juza Amakusa
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Frederica Bernkastel
Minister of Defense - Minori Chihara
Minister of Internal Affairs - Tomokazu Sugita
Minister of Land/Infra/Transport/Tourism - Ono Daisuke
Minister of Health/Labour/Welfare - Sanae Kobayashi
Minister of Education/Culture/Sports/Science/Technology - Nagaru Tanigawa
Minister of the Environment - Hayao Miyazaki
Minister of Finance: Battler Ushiromiya
Minister of Justice: Mamoru Miyano[/quote][/center]

As this is a simple government change, all treaties are carried over.

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