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An OMFG Tribe Announcement

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[center][u][b]An Announcement of the OMFG Tribe[/b][/u][/center]
The OMFG tribe had reached the foothills at the edge of the plains. Looking out across the fields we saw smoke faintly in the distance from the fire pits of our old friends neighboring camps that we had had left just that morning. We've shared many a meal and story with our old friends over the years, but our destiny drew us elsewhere and we will not able to keep in touch where we are headed. We made our peace and smoked our final pipe with The Legion and Valhalla tribes. We began our journey following the trail of rubble that would lead us to our next giant. That evening two braves, Calderone and KingWilliamIV took the lead and helped guide the path when it became dark and rubble began to fade away as the wilderness took over. As we gazed upon the looming foreign neighboring land, we knew the winds of change had come for us. We crossed and descended entering deeper into wilds unknown. Over the following days we began to define our surroundings around us, we also began to redefine ourselves. Hidden truths revealed themselves from new experiences before us. No other tribes had been seen, no lone barbarians wandering to preemptively defend against. Although the OMFG tribe had not scalped a barbarian in many moons, our new journey assured it was a ceremonial act of the past. Where we are headed there is simply us, the wild, and our destiny with giants.

OMFG cancels former ties with Valhalla and The Legion as we move towards our new futures. Raiding will not be a part of our days to come. Calderone and KingWilliamIV have been granted the role of Tribune, charged with helping to guide our FA path.


Jedaye DaGeordie

Pochtecatl - Kamadeyaha
Pathfinder – Calderone
Pathfinder - King William IV

Tribal Elders:
Seer - Kill Joy
Raindancer - NeoAnderson[/center]

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It is never easy for a tribe to decide to move on to newer grounds, however, once in a while it is for the best, may Legion and Valhalla's paths be filled with greatness, even though that path is no longer the same we tread.

On another note, with these two new guys in charge we're FUBAR, no way this'll end well for us :D Gratz to you both, may you guide us in many Giant Slaughters.

@EG: check the top right corner, fool!

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A sad day when we stop fighting giants with friends, but it does not mean we truly wish them the best. I hope the Legion and Valhalla do great things from here and maybe one day our paths with converge again on the edge of new foothills.

And to Calderone, thank you for the kind remarks, it is now and will be a continued honor hunting giants and guiding the tribe with you.

Ave Legio!
o/ Valhalla

Edit: Changed some wording

Edited by King William IV
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