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Why you should never put all your eggs into one basket

Karl Martin

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Somewhere above the Black Sea

The entire cabinet of Brussels, along with all the miltary staff and parliment members, were flying to the capital of the Slavic Federation to show its appreciation for recognization. Only the Governor was left behind in Brussels. The plan was very old, and they had barely landed in Odessa to refuel. As the plane was flying over the sea, one of its engines blew up, causing the plane to crash into the water, sinking instantly. There wee no survivors.


Announcement from Brussels

Almost every member f the government of Brussels have died in a tragic plane crash in the Black Sea. As the sole survivor, I, the governor of Brussels, ask North Germany to provide protection for Brussels until we are able to reform a new government. We shall notify the world that we intend on keeping our independence, and that the protectorate will only be a temporary measure. Thank you.

- Governor of Brussels

OOC: Basically, Brussels is now a northen german protectorate.

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"The Federation offers it's condolences."
-His Imperial Highness James II, Emperor of the Slavic Federation, King of Caucasia, Chief Priest, Imperator of the Slavic Armed Forces, Imperium Maius, First Man of the Senate, and Imperial Censor of the State

"I sense a lack of brains," James said, lazily throwing a dart at a board. "Load all of your government into a barely functioning airplane and expect all to go well."
"Deja vu," Donegan said.

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