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A joint announcement from Greece and China


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The governments of Athens and China are proud to announce two new amendments to our treaty.

[quote]Mutual Defense.

Both parties shall engage defend each other if either party is attacked by all means available including: economic, military, and information assistance.

Optional Aggression.

Both parties are strongly urged to fully support the other party in all conflicts they engage in.


Prime Minister Wei of the United States of China

Nikita Akhatova, President of the Athenian Federation[/quote]

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[b]Private to both Signatores[/b]

The Imperium of Canada congratulates both nations on the solidifying your friendship.
However, we are curious as to the usefulness of this treaty, due to the enourmous distances between your Grand Nations.

Of course, it is not our place to enquire such things, however, curiosity gets the better of us all.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I

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