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To Serve and Protect

Zoot Zoot

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Four Legions of the Hudson Bay Army have been deployed to Cyneriice Northan after receiving a message from the Queen.
The Northan Queen is gravley ill and has no heir, she is undergoing treatment, but requested to be placed under Imperial Protectorate Status for the time being.

From this moment forward, Cyneriice Northan is under the Imperium of Canadas Protectorate, and discussions are underway with the CAN to arrange a joint CAN/Imperium Protectorate for the region.


This is a map to show the proposed Canadian sectors, (Light grey) and the CAN controlled Sectors.
The Emperor is currently awaiting confirmation from the CAN in regards to the marked regions for a joint protectorate.

20,000 soldiers were deployed via hercules aircraft and a large flotilla of transport ships, armed only with civil protection equiptment such as Saxon armoured cars, riot gear, and police equipment.

No lethal weaponry has been taken into the Region.

Cybil and I made an agreement over her land due to her relative inactivness.
Full Imperium protectorate status was granted, but i feel its best its a shared protectorate between myself and the CAN.
Any issues OOC, and ill forward the PM's.
Watch this space for updates on the situation

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