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Nemesis Announcement

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As of right now, Nemesis enacts article Cancellation:
If for some reason we realize that we no longer want to be at a loss on a boat, this treaty can be cancelled. A cancellation period of 72 hours will remain in effect.[/quote]

Reasons were given to LoSS in private.


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LoSS and Nemesis have been brothers through thick and thin. But brothers are made through friendship, facing hardship, relying on one another no matter what, not through treaties. I will always consider Nemesis to be a Brother of LoSS, and a Brother to my humble little nation.

/o Nemesis
/o IAA
/o LoSS

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sad to see two alliances as close as LoSS and Nemesis break ties with each other. May both LoSS and Nemesis have great luck in all future endeavors, and may they still have good relations with each other, treaty or no treaty

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