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Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici

Michael McBride

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[center][b]Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici[/b]
"By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe."[/center]

OOC: This thread will encompass my nation's news, both public and classified. Links will be provided to news stories that I do in other threads under the "News Stories" tab.

[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=86022"]List of MWN correspondent locations[/url]

[b][size="4"]News Stories (Listed from Most Recent to Oldest):[/size][/b]
[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=86021&view=findpost&p=2300821"]Creation of "Grand Army of the Republic" Called For - Syracuse[/url]
[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=86022&view=findpost&p=2300722"]"MediaCorp Going International" - Dobbs[/url]

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[b]MWN - SYRACUSE, YORK[/b] - Ahab Napoleon called today for the creating of a "Grand Army of the Republic". He has called for a standing army of 200,000 with 30,000 standing Marines and special forces. (OOC: 27,000 Marines, 3,000 spec ops) A reserve force of 375,000 is also to be created. A cavalry force of 4,900 tanks was also to be commissioned. The mandate also called for a "Grand Ground Air Force" of 75 squadrons and a "Grand Naval Air Force" of 30 squadrons. A navy totaling 56 vessels was also to be built. Also called for was the construction of artillery, APC, MLRS, armored car, and mobile SAM units.

Napoleon did not mention if the new Republic would be pursuing nuclear weapons technology.

Understanding that it would be nearly impossible for the Republic to build all this technology itself and still keep itself secure, Napoleon put out the call to nations around the world looking to buy military hardware or technology. Also offered to other nations were designs if the other nations would build them.

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Michael Harland stepped up to the podium, Arthur Sinclair Jr. at his side. The sun was bright and the air comfortable for a summer day in Syracuse. Still basking in the glow of his win, the former Emperor took to the microphone to address those gathered.

“Citizens of York, I stand before you here today not only as a proud member of this country, but now deeply indebted to every single one of you for the responsibility you have given me as your leader. Together, we will move this country forward into a new era of prosperity and influence; not only here at home but on our continent and around the world.”

“But prosperity, hope, and change are merely words. They must have actions behind them. Though we have one of the worlds greatest media empires based right here in our very country, and thus know what words can do and the power they hold, actions do speak louder. Therefore, I present to you the actions that will take place under my administration.”

“First, our foreign policy. Our treaty with the Empire of France is currently under review. They will be advised in the near future whether or not we plan on keeping it. All other treaties worldwide, including blocs both on our own continent and abroad, are under consideration as we choose where to take this country moving forward. As of this moment, I do what my predecessor was unwilling to do. I formally call for the wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of the former Imperium of Canada to be deported to the Republic of York from the Kingdom of Cochin so she can stand trial for her husband’s atrocities that resulted in the deaths of thousands of York citizens by chemical attack. Should the Kingdom fail to deport her, then the Republic shall cease all economic and diplomatic ties with the Kingdom until such time that the Kingdom dissolves or the Empress is deported to the Republic. The spouses of war criminals too cowardly to face the justice they deserve should not be allowed to hide in luxury in some country while another people suffer.”

“In addition to our foreign policy changes, policies domestically will change at home as well. The response to the nuclear attack near Houston was appropriate, and following the United States’ lead ensured a more secure future for us all. However, we must go farther. To ensure our security at our airports and in the air, the only companies allowed to fly to and from the airports within the Republic are commercial airline companies based in the Republic. Cargo planes from other nations will be diverted to airports away from population centers where their cargo will be thoroughly checked before being shipped to where it needs to go. Cargo trucks coming into the country will be stopped at the border and their cargo will be thoroughly inspected before they are allowed to pass. Motorists entering the Republic may be randomly stopped for checks as well. This is to ensure our national security and to make sure what happened to the United States does not happen to us. Also, we shall build our military to levels higher than it is now, along with constructing new border defenses for the security our nation and our people deserve. From the ground up, we shall transform our military into one that is fully domesticated, so that we will never have to worry about being dependent on foreign countries for what is necessary to defend ourselves.”

“Finally, I challenge this nation. I challenge this nation to put a man into space by the end of this decade and to return him safely to the Earth. I challenge this nation to continue in our quest to become energy independent. And I challenge this nation to prepare to secure itself for the long, hard road ahead that must be taken to ensure our future security.” Harland pauses for a moment, looking down before continuing.

“These are not ideas, ladies and gentleman. These are promises. My opponents chose to toss about words and ideas and ideals of what [i]could[/i] happen. I am telling you this is what [i]will[/i] happen. You have been lied to. You have been told that you are safe from outside threats, when clearly we are not. These lies are inexcusable but they are just as inexcusable as another one that seems to be all too common today. This is a lie that happens when governments tell you it’s going to be alright when it isn’t. Or when a doctor tells a patient who is going to die that there may be some way to save them. There’s a word for that kind of lie: Hope. And I will not lie to you, citizens of York. This road will not be easy, but it is one we must travel, and travel together.”

“Today begins a new day, brothers and sisters. Today is the day when we toss off the lie of hope and embrace the truth of hard work and self-dependence. Today, we not only remake our country… we remake the world.”

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