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Declaration of Independence

Vasily Karasov

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[center][size="6"][b][font="Verdana"]PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF NOVISTRANA[/font][/b][/size][/center]


For far too long have my comrades in Novistrana been oppressed, silenced, and abused by the capitalist pigs that have been suckling on the teet of the people's productivity, innovation, and hard work.

For far too long have my comrades in Novistrana stood helplessly on the sidelines as their corrupt government misappropriated funds and services to benefit themselves and their cronies while their brothers and sisters died on the streets of disease and starvation.

That is why today, May 15th of 2010, our brethren have shaken off the shackles of slavery through whatever means necessary and toppled the fascist regime that called themselves our leaders. Today, we have come together in camaraderie and notified the Slavic Federation of our intent to separate ourselves and to form the People's Republic of Novistrana.

That is why I, Vasily Karasov, will serve as the first General Secretary of the Novistranian Communist Party and lead my comrades into a brighter, safer, and more peaceful future. With God as my witness, I shall not fail my countrymen.

[b]Nation Name:[/b] People's Republic of Novistrana
[b]Capital:[/b] Berezina
[b]Leader:[/b] President Vasily Karasov
[b]Map:[/b] [url="http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h94/COMRADE_BOB/Novistrana/map.jpg"]Link[/url]


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Emperor Pradeux sat in his office, looking at his television screen.

"Novistrana declares indepedence!"

Pradeux snarled. On anyother day, he would have the traitor shot and the entire Czech province occupied by Internal Security, but this was a different situation. He couldn't afford to spare the troops, let alone the public relations, so he decided to go towards another route.

"Secretary, send a memo to this Karasov and let him know I would like an audience with him at once. I have a nice offer for him.."

The secretary nodded and began to type the memo.

[quote]Dear Leader,

First, I must applaud you on your move to declare independence. However, as leader of the Slavic Federation, I do find that to be unecessary that you would decide to depart from our great nation. Therefore, I have a proposition for you. I am sure you will accept it.[/quote]

It only took five minutes for her to type the memo and it was quickly away. Emperor Pradeux soon waited for the reply.

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"Comrade! Your reply from that wretch Pradeux has arrived," said Nikolai, his close confidant. "God only knows what he has in store for us," he continued on to say.

Karasov grabbed the beige envelope from his comrade's hand and picked up the switchblade that his father had entrusted him with before his death at the hands of Pradeux's men. He slid the sharp object carefully under the wax seal that held the frail container together. Karasov recognized the Seal of the Slavic Federation imprinted into the wax.

Putting down the blade, Karasov grabbed a glass of vodka he had set on his desk beforehand and read the letter out loud to Nikolai.

"Hmm...I must wonder what this madman wants to see me for," questioned Karasov to himself although Nikolai answered anyways.

"You can never be certain with Pradeux," asserted Nikolai. "He could either be setting you up to be assassinated or his senility has taken a severe toll on him and has decided to grant us full independence."

Karasov took a swig of the vodka from the glass and set it down harshly on his oakwood desk, some vodka landing back on the letter.

"Don't fool yourself, Nikolai. If Pradeux were to attempt to assassinate me, the people of this country would not stop until his entrails are hanging decoratively from the end of their bayonets." Karasov walked around behind his desk and pulled out his Tokarev pistol from one of the drawers.

"If Pradeux wants to play hardball, I'm not coming alone." Karasov cocked his gun and walked towards Nikolai. "You, my friend, will be coming along for the ride."

Nikolai, shocked look on his boyish face, broke into a smile and opened the door of the office.

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"My Emperor, Vasily Karasov is approaching the Palace"

Pradeux sipped his wine and adjusted the collar on the suit.

"Let them in.."

The massive gates on the Imperial Palace opened, and the elite guards stood in formation to allow Karasov's caravan through.

Pradeux sat in his office, waiting for Karasov to enter.

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"[i]Hm...Novistrana? Wasn't that the capital of some.....Balkan country?[/i]" President Richard Mercton mused as he watched the news channel on a large HDTV screen in his office. The reporter, a pretty lady with a buxom chest, was talking about the "declaration of independence", but Mercton's attention was actually....somewhere else.

"[i]It was Slovetzia, I believe.[/i]" Mickey Bethesda, a Major in history, quipped. Ben Richards nodded. "[i]That country was led by some crazy dictator who thought Communism was the greatest thing in the world.[/i]"

All three men cracked up in laughter.

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"What in the hell?" Emperor James II asked, staring at the news caption, [i]Czech Province Secedes![/i]. "Christ, this isn't what we need right now!" He picked up his phone and started to dial the number to his co-Emperor's office, but happened to glance out the window. A small caravan, bearing the flags of Novistrana, was entering the Palace gates. James broke into a smile and put the phone down. Emperor Alec had already taken care of it. James rose from his chair and exited his office, passing by two Liberty Guardsmen, who started to rise. "Keep your seat, Gunny," he said to the senior of the two. "I think I can walk down the hallway without getting assassinated."
"Yes, sir," the gunnery sergeant said, sitting back down and motioning for the other to do likewise.
James walked across the building towards Alec's office, intending simply to observe. He let himself in, nodded curtly towards Alec, and seated himself in the corner, crossing his arms and leaning back.

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Karasov and Nikolai looked in amazement and curiosity at the grandeur of the lion's den they were entering. Their heavily-armored three-car caravan of window-tinted black Cadillac Escalades, consisting of NSB Agents that flanked the vehicle in the middle carrying Karasov and Nikolai, slowly rolled into the Imperial Palace as Pradeux's men lined the road. They all sported mean scowls on their face standing in attention, their rifles jutting into the steel gray sky above.

"So this is how the capitalists pigs indulged with our people's money," snarled Nikolai as he shook his head. "The nerve of this man to bring us into his mansion when he knows this is part of the reason we separated from the Slavs."

The caravan pulled around the center piece of the residency, a gold fountain with a colossal marble statue of Pradeux in the middle, hands on his wrist as if examining his massive kingdom. The iron gates came to an eerie close and the Slav soldiers marched to the entrance of the mansion.

"Don't worry, Nikolai," said Karasov assuredly as he felt for his pistol inside his coat. "Once we obtain what we came here for, Pradeux will be the least of our problems." Karasov got out of the car once his security detail gave him the all-clear signal, Nikolai on his heels.

"Welcome, gentlemen," said a gorgeous tall, blonde young woman sporting the dark grey uniforms of the Slav bureaucracy. Karasov was quick to notice that her short skirt excellently showcased her slender legs. She was carrying a folder in her arms, close to her chest, as if to look important. "Mr. Pradeux has been awaiting your arrival."

Two guards, standing motionless in front of the doors that led inside, suddenly and with precise execution opened the doors and returned to their previous states. Nikolai allowed for the NSB Agents to pass him before entering and then followed Karasov, his NSB Agents a few steps behind.

As Karasov passed the lovely assistant, he felt the warm breath from her lips shower his ear. "Nice seeing you again, Vasily." He forced himself to avoid staring into her deep blue eyes and to surrender the impression that he had any prior knowledge of her existence. Karasov stepped across the threshold, a sly smile on his figure.

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"Karasov! Nice to meet you."

Pradeux stood up smiling at the government representative from Novistrana

"My friend, please have a seat and please take a drink. I have heard you have a taste for fine wine"

Pradeux sat down behind his desk, and he began to look through the various paperwork assembled

"My friend, I know freedom is something you wish for your people. Actually, I would say it is something that all civilized people would like. However, my friend I do have a proposition for you. It is something I'm sure you would like. It would give you what you wish, and it would ease the burden of your new nation.."

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Karasov waited for Nikolai to take the seat adjacent before he seated himself.

"I detest wine," Karasov replied sternly. "It is the drink of the capitalists. They bathe in it while their citizens are forced to drink run-off, or their own urine."

One of Pradeux's butlers came towards Karasov to offer him a different refreshment. "Vodka, we will both have some vodka, thank you."

The butler bowed and graciously left the office to fetch their drinks.

"You speak much of freedom," started Karasov. "You speak of it as if you have been fighting for it all your life, as if you have been lurking in its shadow your entire life, as if you shed blood, tears, and sweat to possess it. You know nothing!" spat Karasov.

"That is beyond the point, though," said Karasov as he sat down, something he did not realize had done in his rage. "You and I both have something in common, and that is what has brought the two of us together here," he said in a calm business tone.

"We both want to achieve what is best for our people, whatever it takes to do so. I may disagree to my core with your values and ideals, but I am not going to endanger my comrades for some petty grudge."

Karasov sat back in his chair and grabbed his glass from the silver tray the butler had brought with him from the mansion's kitchen facilities. Holding the drink to his thirsty lips, he saw that Nikolai was shaking nervously. Karasov extended his right hand and pressed on his friend's shoulder to reassure him that everything would be fine.

"Now," Karasov began to say as he set his drink back down. "What is this proposition you have for us today?"

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Pradeux sat back, listening to Karasov's outburst. He smiled to himself and sipped some of the Vodka.

"Karasov, you have something few people possess. Courage. You came into my office, not knowing what to expect. You had one goal on your mind, the freedom of your people. As a fellow leader, I respect that. If you don't have the guts to die for your people, who are you? You are a no-one. You are just another Visari, a man who is power hungry and willing to step on others for your own gain."

Pradeux smiled.

"Karasov, when I read the news reports of yours declaration of indepedence, I though you were another crackpot. However, you have proved me wrong. You are a man who has potential."

Pradeux stood up and began to walk around the room.

"My friend, I am willing to give your nation independence in the form of an Autonomous region. Yes, you will still be apart of the Slavic Federation, but you will be its sole leader, and you be able to appoint your very own government. Your region's government is not fully independent, as foreign policy and military defense are the responsibility of the central Slavic government. We will provide your security, we will provide your economic well-being."

Pradeux smiled.

"I'm also willing to offer you the position of Imperial Regent of the Slavic Federation. You have shown skill and tenacity, we will need you in the future. I do see Europe exploding in the near future..Do you accept?"

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Karasov's mind immediately darted to his father, assassinated at a pro-democracy rally in Ekaterine in the early 1990s. Pradeux ordered his Internal Security to "eliminate" him due to the threat he posed to his regime. Twenty years later, his father's murderer was offering him a chance to reign along side him.

Karasov felt sick to his stomach. He grabbed for his vodka glass and downed the remainder without taking time to enjoy its taste.

His mind then turned to Nikolai, who sat alongside him with his jaw to the floor and in worse shape than before. Karasov did not want to betray his friend, who was like the brother he never had, and leave him in the dust. He and Nikolai took up the banner of worker's rights dropped by his father and fought in the coal mines, ammunition factories, and cotton fields. Karasov now was faced with an opportunity to work with the man he and Nikolai both sought to liberate their brethren from for so long.

Karasov was light-headed and nauseous. He went to get up to search for more vodka, but his legs felt as if they were constructed of rubber and began to fall...

Then that all too familiar voice emerged from behind him and caught him before he fell to the floor. Pradeux's assistant that greeted Karasov at the door shoved a bottle of water into his hand. "I don't think more alcohol will solve the problem."

"Th-Thank you, K-." Karasov stopped himself mid-sentence before he divulged too much information. "Thank you, comrade."

Once safely outside Pradeux's office, Karasov consulted with Nikolai. Nikolai asked Pradeux for the courtesy of allowing his friend to recover outside and clear his head.

"The nerve of this man! To offer me such a lucrative position when he is the one responsible for my father's death!" Karasov marched around the spacious hallway directly outside Pradeux's office.

"Vasily, I understand where you are coming from, but I advise you to step into your father's shoes for a moment and imagine what he would tell you to do." Nikolai walked over to Karasov, who was now slumped on the floor resting against a wall.

"He would tell me the same thing he said to me on his deathbed that night. 'You must always put country above self, Vasily, that is all you have.'" Karasov cradled his head in his hands.

"If it makes your decision any easier, comrade, do not worry about me. I will return to Novistrana and look after the people you sacrificed so much for today to liberate. They will know, as God as my witness, of the great things you did for them and at what expense." Nikolai returned the friendly gesture from earlier and placed his hand on Karasov's shoulder.

"I know what I must do then, Nikolai." Karasov stood up and wiped off the tears. "You were always a great friend, Nikolai. I couldn't have asked for anyone better." The two friends shook hands one last time and embraced each other.

"This will be a bittersweet victory for the people of Novistrana," said Karasov as he opened the ivory doors into Pradeux's office. "Country Above Self," he reminded himself as he entered.

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While Karasov was gone, James looked casually over at Alec. "Moderately insane, but confident, and most likely loyal to his cause. While I'd like to have him work with us, I'm not sure he'll accept. Perhaps we should offer his friend a position, such as Minister of the Interior, or something to that effect." James paused to take a cigar case from his sports jacket; it had a cannabis leaf on it. "Wrong one," he muttered to himself, sticking it back into his jacket and taking out another, plain and black. He took out a long, black cigar, stuck it in his mouth, and lit it. He took a puff and blew a smoke ring, watching it expand and disappear. "Hmm...why do I have a feeling he'll view this as arrogant and capitalist?" he asked, taking another puff.

He looked over at the door as Karasov reentered, and offered him a pack of cigarettes. "I roll these myself. You looked like you need something to steady your nerves."

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[b]President Moshum[/b]

[i]"Sooner or later, your people will begin to starve or worse, clamor for television beyond state-sponsoring. And when this outcome occurs, capitalism will correct the errors of your communist party. But until then, I suppose we are content with watching your progress in this world."[/i]

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