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Announcemt Regarding ERA

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[center][b][u][size="5"]Official Announcement from The Shadow Proclamation[/size][/u][/b][/center]


The MDoAP treaty between Equal Rights Alliance (e. ERA) and The Shadow Proclamation (e. TSP) which Andover, President of ERA, announced on the 10th of May, was not endorsed by the government of TSP and therefore the "The Equally Dark MDoAP" treaty is invalid.

ERA approached us about a possible MDoAP early this month which we agreed to look into without giving any promises since ERA was a part of Ragnabloc among other reasons.

The government of TSP announces as well that it will not retaliate against ERA. We don't see that it would be much good to wage war against a small alliance and this move of theirs will most likely do worst then war. However because of their poor judgment call they have successfully burned all bridges between the two alliances.

Since this treaty was not approved by our government we can't cancel the deal. However, we request that the treaty be removed from the OWF. Whatever happens, we don't have any obligations to come to their aid in times of trouble ... and after this ... we certainly won't.

JDorian, Triumvir
Kaplechistan, Triumvir
Shadeslayers, Lord of Foreign Affairs
Bobogoobo, Lord of Defense
Magister, Lord of Internal Affairs
Magister, Lord of Recruitment and Education
Bobogoobo, Lord of Finance

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Wow, I can't wait to see what the excuse for doing this is. Good luck TSP.

[quote]You can't have treaties removed from the OWF. But you can cancel them, which is what this basically amounts to, no?[/quote]

Except if it was never signed, as they claim, it can't really be canceled because it doesn't exist. Otherwise, yea they are saying the treaty is invalid which is basicaly the same thing.

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aha ha ha ha ha

!@#$ son! you owe me a new keyboard.

If you have a MDoAP you dont need a protectorate. Of course you could always get a protectorate to tide you over till your prospective treaty partner says yes.

Forgive me if this seems like dancing on a grave but damn it ERA, you earned this little hornpipe.

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[quote name='JmanofAus' date='15 May 2010 - 03:22 AM' timestamp='1273908136' post='2298467']
Andover should write a book and entitle it [i]How not to run an Alliance[/i]

I can think of a few co-authors on that one...

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3, 2, 1, we have GOONS!

Kind of like the lion taking down the sick or injured zebra from the herd... don't be sad... its natures way

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So it took TSP 5 days to work out the treaty was invaild? Great going there boys. I hope you work faster when it comes to an urgent situation.

Looks more like someone was making noises at ERA and TSP has gotten scared and are making out the treaty was never endorsed lol.

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