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The President of China Passes


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[b]Live from Taibei[/b]

Today the President of China Chiang Wei-kuo has passed. The Prime Minister has announced that President was found dead in his home at the age of 89. His passing comes only 8 months into his term as the President of the United States of China. Previously he had served as the President of Taiwan. According to the constitution of the United States of China it falls to the Great Assembly of the United States. Chiang Wei-kuo was the leader of the Guomindang Party. The Party has seen their supporters switch to the newer but ideological similar United China Party over the reign of Prime Minister Wei Hai, the current UCP leader. Chiang Wei-kuo was widely respected by all three political parties in the Great Assembly.

Chairman X has announced that the Neo Whampao Brotherhood will be renaming the flagship of the USC's planned blue water fleet, expected to begin deploying soon, to be named the Chiang Wei-Kuo. When asked during a press conference whether he would take the Presidency, the Chairman denied wanting it and suggested it was too soon to begin talking about successors.

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"Having never spoken with the man personally, none of us can honestly say we grieve, but we can take a moment to pay our respects to a fallen leader, and offer condolances to friends and family he left behind."

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[quote][center][b]Chairman X delivers a Eulogy[/b][/center]

Friends, today you enter a world, which increasingly is being dominated by the forces of chaos and disorder. The characteristic of the international system at this moment is a march away from progress towards the twin evils of apathy and indifference. Absolute morality has been replaced by poorly reasoned subjectivity.

Our dear President was a man who stood for the glories of ages past, for the moral absolutes that the leaders of the world today so easily cast aside. When I first met him, when he saw indifference rather than settle for the easy path, he mobilized a nation and drove out those who wished to do us harm. He stood up to a foreign presence masquerading as Chinese, and because of this Taiwan is now free. Under his leadership, we brought Taiwan and Palintine under one rule, true Chinese rule.

President Chiang’s dream must not die with him. While his spirit has gone to the ancestors, we must not forget the cause of his life! Unification under the true pillars of the Chinese Civilization!

Cast out the sadness from your heart and replace it with determination! Serve your country! It is the duty of all Chinese people to strengthen our great civilization and fight for true democracy for all Chinese! Join with me and lend us your strength! Steel your will and let your blood and flesh form a new Great Wall!

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We mourn the loss of the President of China and hope that it quickly recovers from the loss.[/center]

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