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The Iron Curtain

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Over the past couple weeks I have had the opportunity to speak with, and get to know a great group of individuals. From our talks a fruitful relationship developed. Without further delay, I am honored to have the opportunity to announce the [b]Iron Curtain[/b], a bloc of like minded individuals who band together for a common cause.

[center][size="7"][b]The Iron Curtain[/b][/size]

Article I — Purpose
We, the undersigned alliances, in recognition of our common goals and ideology, do hereby pronounce the establishment of this bloc in order to further our common needs in the realm of security.

Article II - Sovereignty
Each alliance remains separate and sovereign in their affairs. No signatory has bearing or say on the actions or governance of another.

Article III — Oversight
Each alliance will be allowed one vote in all matters pertaining to the governance of this agreement.

Article IV — Military
Any declaration of war upon a signatory is considered an act of aggression against all the undersigned signatories. In the event such attacks are the result of a signatory acting upon an outside treaty, each signatory is encouraged but not required to provide any and all support . In the event of offensive action by one signatory, others are encouraged but not required to provide any and all diplomatic, economic, or military assistance.

Article V - Information
Signatories agree to share any and all relevant information pertaining to an others or the bloc's security.

Article VI - Non-aggression
All signatories agree to refrain from any aggressive action towards another including military, discourse, or diplomacy. It is strictly prohibited for any of the undersigned alliances to declare war on another, or a direct treaty partner of another, unless said partner commits an act of war against a member alliance.

Article VII — Membership
New members may be admitted to the bloc with the unanimous agreement of all signatories. An alliance may be removed from this treaty by unanimous agreement from all other signatories. Any member may elect to withdraw from it at any given time, with a minimum of 72 hours notice to the other signatories, during which time the articles of the bloc continue to apply.

Article VIII — Amendments
Amendments to the bloc charter may be made only with the unanimous agreement of all signatories.

Signed for the New Sith Order
LintWad, Sith Emperor and Sovereign Lord of the Dark Side
Heggo, Dark Lord
Lennox, Sith Lord
Anthony, Sith Lord
Jrenster, Sith Lord
Dilber, Master of Lies
CodyHaner, Marauder of Lies
KainIIIC, Marauder of Lies
Tha One, Marauder of Lies

Signed for Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
ClashCityRocker, External Chancellor
Mad Larkin, Internal Chancellor
CodArk2, Grand Chancellor

Signed for Hydra
Jacapo Saladin, Imperator
Joshsname, Minister of Defense
Projek, Minister of Internal Affairs
Sniper620, Minister of Finance
Lord Bludd, Minister of Recruitment
Mr. Teets, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Appoliqize, Senator
TCTriangle, Senator
Sexysauce, Senator

Signed for NATO
AtheistRepublican, High Councilor Potentia
Iskander, High Councilor Externus
Lenny N Karl, High Councilor Augmentum
Soronis, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hakim, Minister of Defense
Pollexter, Minister of Internal Affairs
Olreich, Minister of Commerce
BozoDav, Minister of Enlistment
Warden, Chief Justice

Edited by Wad of Lint
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