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Zombie Vikings - Parrot Pirates Fued


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[center][b][SIZE=5]A Joint DoW Between TYR and PPO
(We Decided to Save Pixels)[/size][/b]

[IMG]http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c153/lexynia/CN/PPOflag.png[/img] [IMG]http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c153/lexynia/CN/TYR-Flag-1-1.jpg[/img][/center]

It has hereby been decided that the drunken Pirates of PPO and the poledancing vikings of TYR have to settle a score thousands of years in the making.

It started with a simple dare on IRC as seen in the following logs in which gowfanatic of TYR and Mattmammoth of PPO decided to test each others spy strength. It was claimed to be done out of friendship, and gowfanatic was given warning of a potential Spy attack, thus the PIAT conditions were fulfilled, and we don't have to cancel it (which is good, because we don't want the force to win).

Logs and screen shot of the spy op (Gowfanatic being the better spy, was not caught however... Or it might be because he had a large number of spies and a Pentagon, and Matt only had considerably less spies...).:
[QUOTE]20:12 Mattmammoth|PPO •hmm I have a [Insert Percentage Here] operation odds if I spy on gow
20:12 gowfanatic• lol
20:12 gowfanatic • do it!
20:12 gowfanatic•ill spy on you if you spy on me :)
20:14 Mattmammoth|PPO •did you get a spy message?[/QUOTE]
[These logs had the spy op odds edited out for secrecy purposes >.>]


Gow was mighty impressed with his spy op success that he called PPO "the scums of the earth." Lanna tried to use her womanly powers, and be the voice of reason. However both PPO and TYR were too drunk to realize what a good idea she presented. With this, it was decided that the only way to solve this predicament was to go to war. PPO would enter TYR's port at dawn (hehe, enter TYR's port). However, after Warmongrel introduced both alliances to Scrabble, it was decided that the war would be better fought through words...


[size=5][b]The Battle of the Drubkest[/b][/size]
[Ummm, its supposed to be "drunkest"... but well, I guess that works too.]

[b]Conditions of the War:[/b]

1. Both alliances shall send forth their best champions to play in 2v2 matches of Scrabble.

2. The player with the highest score, wins for the alliance they represent.

3. If more than 2 players from each alliance wish to play (for example, 4 from each), a second 2v2 match will be set up, and the same for 8 players, and so on.

4. If there is an uneven number of representatives, the alliance may vote/choose 1 player to play 2 rounds (obviously not at the same time as that would be difficult for a drubken prerson... erm, drunken person.).

5. In the case of more than one 2v2 match-up, the alliance with the most victories will win the war.

6. In the case of a tie, a final, scrabble to the death (similar to a fight to the death) match will occur between the best players of each alliance.


In the event that PPO should win the Scrabble war, TYR members who participated in the war/game must place "PPO Booty" in their nation bio's for one whole week. No more, no less.

In the event that TYR should win the Scrabble war, PPO members who participated in the war/game must place "Our booty belongs to TYR" in their nation bio's for one whole week. Once again, no more, no less.


Both PPO and TYR tried to sign this, but the rum was too strong... and we kind of lost the pen...


Edit - Removed top secret info about spies...

Edited by gowfanatic
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[quote name='Star Gazing' date='13 May 2010 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1273804541' post='2297497']
That's right! You know why? 'Cause us pirates look better on top. ;)

this would be so much better if you didnt still have "TYR" as your AA on CN forums XD

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What is this....I don't even...

Oh I give up.

I would explain why this is a terrible idea, but after sitting through the courting stage on irc, I find I can't deny the love affair. You are perfect for each other. :wub:

Fake edit: Pirates are far more fun than ninjas. Unless it's Snake Eyes. I will knife fight you about this. :ph34r:

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I can sense the blood that will be spilled over this already...

[font=sans-serif][size=2][i]If you want to cause a break up amongst people, put them in a house without a TV or the news or anything like that, give them a Scrabble board and [b]no[/b] dictionary. Watch the sparks fly![/i][/size][/font]
[font=sans-serif][size=1]Fake [/size][b][size=1]edit[/size][/b][size=1]s are "in" :Plus - wasn't what EJ wrote a dare? Pirrates and vikings v ninjas?[/size][/font]

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