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We Say Goodbye But We'll Never Stop Being LOUD!

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[u]Our First Flag[/u]
[u]Our Second Flag[/u]
[u]Our First Mascot Flag[/u]

Today marks the end for the alliance of League of United Defense, which many of you knew simply as LOUD. While we have tried to avoid closing the curtains on our beloved alliance, the membership along with the government have decided to finally draw them to a close to experience other things. While the alliance may be gone our culture will live on dispersed through Cyber Nations and will never stop being LOUD.

From our rocky start on September, 25th 2008 when four alliances came together to create something. LOUD has come through each time with a new experience that has added to our alliance improving it and bringing it to new height. Unafraid of facing odds or whether we could come through them LOUD persevered, making friends along the way and lending a hand as well. Being involved in two wars and three fronts we can proudly hold our head up high in saying we helped our friends and have never profited from war. Making friends from adversaries as well as other combatants involved LOUD has had an positive impact however insignificant it may seem.

We will continue on in spirit and will celebrate our spirit every year as long as it survives, flying the alliance affiliation "League Of United Defense" proudly every September 25 for LOUD will never be truly silenced.

Our good friends and allies in RIA, and R&R, and the alliances in LEO have agreed to protect our AA indefinitely which we greatly thank them for.

Now for some words from a few of our own alliance members:

we shared our defence like brothers and sisters. We fought side by side in wars defending each others.
So, It's been pleasure to be in a same alliance with you guys. Thanks.

Dr Don:
We will bring the spirit of LOUD with us where ever our members end up! I like to think of this, not as the end of LOUD, but the dissemination of LOUD thru out planet Bob. Let the seeds of LOUD take sprout and turn up the volume everywhere we go!
"Once LOUD always LOUD", in our heart's, current and former members; we will always be LOUD.

Best alliance I have been apart of in Cybernations. Great community of friends, more like a family than any online community I've ever been apart of.

Fastdrop :
Wow; I am going to miss LOUD great group of players and a great team.

The Collective:
I came to LOUD not knowing anyone, not knowing how long I would stay or if I would even like it. As I played I made many friends and after my first week I thought I could never leave LOUD.
People like Demag, the Hero bros, TCO, Balthier and many many more have been so nice to me and gave me the advice I needed at the drop of a hat.
In my short time with LOUD I made many friends, learned how to sled properly and build a great nation from day one. It wasnt just about CN with LOUD, it was about a community. People with all kinds of backgrounds coming together to play a game.
My biggest regret is that I didn't try harder towards the end. I wouldn't say I gave up but like most of us I got burned out. They recognized my abilities and nurtured them in way I have never seen in CN.
Always LOUD, Always Proud!
Signed The Collective of The Collection

all for one and one for all

King Mendoza II:
Well, LOUD had hosted a great competition that, when I won, greatly improved my nation so much in a manner of hours.
It just proves how generous and amazing the members of LOUD was and would have continued to be to the future members.
LOUD, in its way, has its own activity in war and tech-trades, trade-settings, etc etc. You were all so helpful and patient. :3

A very friendly and closely knit community. Kinda sucks we're expanding :/

LOUD is an amazing group and I am lucky and honored to be part of it.

Stefano Palmieri:
So long LOUD, Ive known you guys since NOVA signed the ODP with you. LOUD all ways will have a special place in my heart. :wub:

Cello Chick:
LOUD was...well, LOUD was definitely LOUD..and tons of fun!! :P
I really enjoyed being a part of LOUD, both being a diplomat here, as well as a member. I'm so happy I've had this opportunity of being accepted into such a fun and loving alliance, where I've stalked a lot of my old CN friends as well as making a ton of new friends. :)
Thank you, and good luck to everyone, wherever you go!!! Y'all are freakin amazing, I hope you know just how much :)
*wubz* -cello :)

I want y'all to know, that I really enjoyed my short time here. I'm sad this is the way it ends. Best of luck to you all.
Loud and Lovin' it -Warmongrel

Even though our brothers and sisters are going different ways, we shall all be one big family. Over the years we've grown a tight bound, helping others siblings when in need. If we are to find ourselves in war against one another we shall not hold back, but whatever happens, we shall forever be a part of the LOUD family as long as we rule our nations! As we sign off we're all 'Living it LOUD'.

Even though I have not been in LOUD long. I have been in LOUD for a little over 28 days. We got a LOUD family where most of the members and friends could all be related someway. So no matter where LOUD members go the LOUD Family member bond will stay. I wish we have an actually web of who is supposedly related to who but thinks kept on changing and becoming really hectic. Therefore the original LOUD family knows who they are related too and the newer ones who joined latter are just family members.

It was fun being part of loud, like many others I wasn't part of loud for nearly as long as some of the other members but I really enjoyed being part of this alliance. It was small and growing alliance that I had hope would grow to be a power house in the CN world. Thank you for the time here.

From Spartan Diplomat to LOUD Member.
From Member to High Chancellor of Internal Affairs.
From HCoIA to Minister of War.
From MoW to Ascendant.

My position in LOUD was irrelevant and unimportant to me, as long as I helped make a better alliance. Not for myself, but for our members and potential recruits. But I wasn't perfect, I left LOUD once and went to a place I originally called home. Within 6 months of leaving, I was back.
LOUD has had some epic times and needless to say, on many occasions, we really did Laugh Out LOUD. I am disappointed to see this happen to LOUD, but at the same time, I can understand the reasons for it.
Here at LOUD, we created more than an alliance, more than just a legacy and more than just memories. We created strong, long lasting friendships and most of all(I think I can speak for those who are active on this), we created a family.
The name of LOUD may die and fade in to the shadows. The legacy may end and memories pass. But our friendships... Our family. Will stand the test of time.
I'm not good at goodbyes or speeches, so I will leave the speeches to the experts and I need not say goodbye.

A special thanks to our allies and friends: R&R, RIA, LoSS, AiD, Brigade, TUF, SuperFriends, Teen Titans, and LEO.
For our past allies we thank you as well: Some of you guys and gals on yellow team, and of course NOIR.
And let's not forget some of old allies who are no longer around: NOVA, TBH, and FUCN.

We could write a page more about all of the individuals who has helped us throughout our alliance history but we'll keep things short because you know who you are and what a great impact you've had on this alliance, and for that we're all forever grateful.

Our IRC will be staying up so we can all keep in touch with one another and our old allies, a part of our forums will also remain up hosting our history, a members only section, and a section for some spam and artwork.

For the most part most of us will be moving to R&R the others can go where they wish.

Yours sincerely,
all of the League Of United Defense

The Chosen One
Dr Don
Cello Chick
The Collective
Jonny p
King Mendoza II
Stefano Palmieri

[i]Still living it LOUD.[/i]

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People say all these alliances are terrible but the only thing I find terrible is whenever one of them disbands. People don't see the community and the talents brought about by an alliance that is forever lost whether for better or for worse. I wish you guys in LOUD all the best, hopefully you guys stick close together.


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I knew you very little, and I formed an opinion while we were at war. You however left a great impression and its sad to see LOUD be no more. I wish every member good luck in finding a new place to reside.


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In my time in R&R, I don't honestly think we've had as close of a bond to another alliance as we have with LOUD.

When I first heard of this from HeRo1, I told him that R&R would do everything possible to help them stay alive, and get things going again. They made the decision to go out on top, and for that we will always respect them.

This feels as though we've lost a close friend. But we can take solace in the fact that many LOUD nations are coming/already are here with us in R&R.


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It's always disappointing to see an alliance disband, Especially one you really liked. Anyways farewell, LOUD. And Good Luck finding new homes.



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I can't say I knew LOUD, but I know someone who was a member of LOUD...

If LOUD had enough smarts to accept this guy, then they must've been a great alliance!


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LOUD, I must echo the sentiment of my alliance-mate The Dakotans in saying, I didn't know you that much, but what I ended up getting to know, I liked. You were indeed honourable foes.


Good luck in your new homes, wherever you may roam. :)

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I'm really sad to see this. LOUD was the second alliance I was ever assigned to as a diplomat when I took my first steps onto the FA stage. And it's been the one I've held on to the longest. Best of luck in the future to you guys.

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