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Enviromission Corporation Granted Building Permit in West Kentucky.

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The Kentucky Legislature in one of its first fiscal acts has ratified the license of Environmission Corporation to build and deploy a Solar Tower in Western Kentucky to boost its ability to export coal and to reduce its own consumption of coal. The project will be subsidized granting the state half-ownership of the private venture. Unlike other solar cooling towers, the core of this tower will feature a some mirrors intended to redirect any energy not caught by the greenhouse canopies to the central core of the updraft vent. The core of which is expected to get intensely hot in full daylight.

Like similar structures in the Queendom of Australia it is expected to be the largest structure in the State. Due to the nearness to the New Madrid fault zone particular attention is being paid to the foundation and the tower's ability to absorb shock. Due to the proximity to tornado alley, additional reinforcement of the structure will also be necessary to ensure its ability to survive in strong winds up to as high a resistance potential as possible by current engineering standards.

While coal activists were initially up in arms over the concept, promises to reduce taxes on mining operations using revenues generated by the operation and make the coal more exportable and cost effective to produce has settled most discussion over whether this is a friendly idea for the people and laborers of the state.

Output goals for the plant was set in the 150 MW range.

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