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Peace in our Time

Jack Shepard

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[size="5"][center][b]Pork Shrimp Announcement[/b][/center][/size]

8 Days ago, I hid the remote control at Pork Shrimp HQ...

I told the Porkers that the Shrimpers took it, and vice versa

Then I stood on the couch yelling 'fight fight fight' while the two groups tore each other to shreds.

8 days later, they noticed the remote in my hand and decided to stop fighting.

We then all settled in to watch the latest episode of Lost on our clubhouse big screen, and all was forgiven.

For the record, the Shrimpers took out the victory by a very, very narrow margin.




Long live Pork Shrimp![/center]

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[quote name='lonewolfe2015' date='13 May 2010 - 07:01 PM' timestamp='1273795253' post='2297337']
We lost by less than 25 average NS due to the bonus prizes... Porkers won the war portion of this fight from the position of having been blitzed. :smug:

Actually, we would've won by slightly more if we hadn't tried to take Jack down; our broken nations weren't really any match for him.

The sign of a good fight: a good number of us on the winning side were so hopelessly bill-locked that we had no choice but to reroll. I miss my 35000 casualties. :(

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[quote name='Schad' date='13 May 2010 - 09:11 PM' timestamp='1273806656' post='2297533']I miss my 35000 casualties. :(
Well, whatever you end up with in the end, we'll add those in for you :)

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