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Funkyheim National Elections

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[color="#008000"][size="6"][u][b]ELECTIONS IN FUNKYHEIM[/b][/u][/size][/color]
[i]being reported by the Funkyheim News Agency[/i]

With the Cabinet and Heads of Department appointed by El Presidente, the heads and El Presidente have decided that now is the time form the National Congress! Already many political groups have begun vying for control of the populations' support. These elections will be the most important in the nation as they determine the political make-up of the Country.
Not to mention that upon taking power, they will have much to do! such as getting legislation passed to help El Presidente run the nation, determining El Presidente's time in office, and other such important matters of State!

Here is a look at the 5 largest political groups that will attempt to get as many of the 135 seats of Congress as possible:

[color="#FF8C00"]Funkyheim Central Party[/color]:

The Party of El Prrrresidente! Folks, El Presidente was just the son of a German man and a Norwegian woman, looking to start of his DJ career. So he thought it would be an amazing idea to move to the Caribbean and do just that. And look at him now! El Presidente of his own Island Nation. I'd call that success! He has vowed to begin a campaign of infrastructure building, technological advancement, and securing Funkyheim as both a global economic power and Funkiest nation in the world!

[color="#800080"]Puerto Rican National Party[/color]:

Some folks just don't like our new nation name, and they call themselves the Puerto Rican National Party. Not only are they all about putting the people of our nation first, but they also say that if they win majority in Congress, they will vote to impose tough, tough tough immigration laws, and even see about removing El Presidente on the grounds that he is not Puerto Rican. They also say they want to increase Funkyheim's military...as well as change the name of our nation to Puerto Rico and not Funkyheim! They are lead by...wait really? YES! This party is lead by none-other than Head of Foreign Relations Juanito!

[color="#4169E1"]Pan Caribbean Party[/color]:

These folks want to have Funkyheim lead the way in creating one large Caribbean Nation! and that's it! Ambitious arn't they?

[color="#00FF00"]Nature Preservation Party[/color]:

We live on an Island Paradise, and this political group wants it to stay that way! They fear that the organization of our Islands into the government of Funkyheim has set forth a horrible wave of destruction to our Environment that can only be stopped if we act now!

[color="#FF0000"]Funkyheim Communist Party[/color]:

What equatorial nation would be complete without a group of communists trying to ruin everything? Unfortunately, these communists want to win power the legal way, and their message is spreading. I don't even think I have to explain about these guys, except that police and the new military are now on high alert!

The Polls are open!

EDIT: Edit: deleted last edit xD

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[size="4"][i][color="#FF0000"]Message from El Presidente![/color][/i][/size]

My fellow Funkyheim citizens, I just want to say today that whoever you vote for, all voices will be heard in Congress. Should one party achieve a super-majority in the Congressional seating, then I wish them the best of luck, and many funky days ahead.
Happy voting my funky funky citizens!!

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[size="5"][color="#800080"]Juanito Speaks on the National Party Campaign Trail[/color][/size]

My felllow Puerto Ricans, from the Isla Mona, to the Mainland, to Vieques, and to Culebra, the time is now to vote! Vote the way I know you wish to vote! Our leader is not Puerto Rican, and thus is not qualified to lead us. Yes, I know, he stepped up when nobody else would to lead our people, but what of it? Now that we are organized once again, we can push forward to reclaim our identity, and to make Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans

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[color="#0000FF"][size="5"]El Presidente Releases New Flag[/size][/color]

Hey Hey you funky folks! I didn't like the old one So I changed it. Check it out:


Now this is a flag we can all rally behind, and move on into our future with


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OOC: the lulz are the only reason we do anything ;)


[size="5"][color="#FF0000"]Election Special![/color][/size]

Juanito and El Presidente and Carlos Arrrrrrrrrigonlez (communist leader) Have agreed to a televised debate and will be answering the Public's questions...right now!

OOC: aaaaand go :awesome:

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[i]*Juanito, standing behind his podium, with the Puerto Rican flag behind him, looks tired and worn, but full of dogged determination. Next to him, on his right (the audiences' left) stands carlos, looking flashy with bright white teeth, with a multi-colored beanie typical of college students and high school kids identifying as communists these days, a huge unkempt beard, and a big red flag with a gold star behind him. But on Juanito's left (the audiences' right) stands El Presidente, the only European looking man in the room. The new flag of the Nation fluttering proudly behind him, as well as two lazer lights (green) pointing upwards, and two spotlights on him, just for funky effect. He's wearing a pair of the most fashionable sunglasses, the kind that are small and sexy and not oversized and retarded looking. He wears them to hide his identity, and for some reason it works.*[/i]

1st Question (posed by subtle):

[color="#006400"]El Presidente[/color]: The Education system is currently in a very unfunky place at the moment, due to the fact that we've just formed a stable government here. It's currently in the process of being restarted, since it more or less died when the last government did. If my party can attain the super majority, and even if it doesn't, I will see to it that the education system gets back online and making a future generation of educated, funky citizens. These future generations will continue our progress into the modern world

I, unfortunately, must agree with El Presidente in regards to the current state of our education system. However, should we Nationalists win in the Congress, then we shall ensure that the education system reflects our beliefs; a strong, Puerto Rican national Identity, a commitment to the preservation of our identity and nation, and a commitment to the protection of Puerto Ricans everywhere against foreign influence


The Education System will be changed to teach the wise words of Marx and Lenin and bring a new wave of Communism to the front in the war against capitalist oppression around the world! Cuz, you know, the corporations, with their money and power, oppress the hard working carib! You know, with all their laws and stuff that make us pay money...and stuff (Strange I seem to be able to fight this alot better on the internet...)

2nd Question:

Juanito: I will install a Parliamentary System of Government, with myself installed as Prime Minister

3rd Question:

[color="#008000"]El Presidente:[/color]
This Funky presidente doesn't dig nuclear weapons, and as this nation's leader I have no plans in the near or far future to obtain them. They just arn't funky, ya catch what I'm saying?
At this stage in our development, I don't think I'm really qualified to answer that question yet.
Nuclear weapons are the tools of oppressive corporations! They gotta be dismantled, and we would never ever build them. Cuz that's how communism works, see?

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[b][size="5"][i][color="#0000FF"]POllS SOON TO CLOSE![/color][/i][/size][/b]

Hey hey my fellow Funkyheim citizens! The Elections for the First Congress of Funkyheim is soon to be over, so if you haven't voted already, go do it now! The leaders of the various factions are still able at this time to take questions, so it would be in your greatest interest to capitalize on the time you have left!

OOC: gonna end this thread tonight and annnounce results ^_^

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Obviously Puerto Rican policy under a Nationalist lead government will not be popular with much of the world, and so I will see to it that a polite policy of "ignore it" will be established. We ignore the internal workings of your nation, and you in turn show us the same courtesy.

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The Polls are Closed, as well as any more opportunities to question the PArty leaders on their party stances on all sorts of various issues! A seperate announcement will be coming soon to announce the complete arrangement of the new National Congress, as well as anything else we feel is important to report!

OOC: lock thread plz Its all done :)

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