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Roman Empire Announcement


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Peace is achieved between the Roman Empire and Umbrella

The Alliances Ordo Paradoxia and Lafayette Escadrille have also agreed to White Peace with the Roman Empire

Rome would like to applaud the ferocious and tenacious vitality with which OP and LE struck against the Empire in defense of Umbrella. This in mind the Empire admits defeat in this war and would like to acknowledge both the coordination and effectiveness of OP and LE's blitzes.

Good luck for the remainder of this turn all.

/s/ for Rome[i]
Hoosierbud, Emperor

Tired Tyrant, Emperor Emeritus
Folger Soldier, Emperor Emeritus[/i][/center]

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[img] http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100410155214/cybernations/images/d/d5/OPFlag.png[/img]

We had fun.

Thanks RE and good luck on the rebuild.

Umbrella and TE - we enjoyed your company on this.

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It was an honor to come to the defense of Umbrella and an honor to fight along side LE.

Best of luck to all who took part in this war....

RE/Umbrella/LE and of course OP :P

Lessons learned are lessons learned.

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doesnt matter.. this forum is for OOC discussion of IC events.

But yeah, thats a downside of TE, the infra does not last long lol :gag:
fun nonetheless though, eh?

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I had a very fun time. It could have been pretty brutal for Umbrella if LE and OP didn't jump in to help even the sides up, so big thanks for that.

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