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Joint GLOF/UCN Announcement

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A little over two years ago UCN and GLOF were new alliances and because of good relations we signed a PIAT with each other. Not long after we upgraded the PIAT to a MDP. Ever since then there have been 3 larges wars and none of them did we fight on the same side. Some alliances would cancel on the other because of it. Instead the treaty and friendship continued. Recent events helped decide that it would be best to have the the treaty should be re-signed. Furthermore a long time ago UCN and GLOF had a recruiting contest against each other. UCN had won the contest and the terms for contest were never enforced. The terms were that GLOF's government would have to wear bunny avatars and to post in the thread. Since we had so much fun with the contest both sides had forgotten it was never done. So as a tribute to the contest that was held so long ago I present to you an announcement full of bunnies.


The [s]Brother[/s][b]Bunny[/b]hood Accords

Article 1 The opening credits
In the signing of this pact, it must be clear that both organizations will remain sovereign, as will the members in each alliance.

Article 2 Bats ha-ha

Both UCN and GLOF agree with the signing of this pact that during the time of need they will help each other to the best of their capability, whether it be cheer leading, nukes, or a band aid and a pat on the head. Both UCN and GLOF also agree not to attack or undermine each other. Should one of the signatories wish to enter a war offensively the other is not required to defend the other but it is cool if they do.

Article 3 You can break these cuffs

This pact may be broken for the reasons hereby outlined in this article. First, if one of the signatory alliances commits an act of aggression that is considered by the other alliance to be motivated only by imperialistic goals. Second, if one of the signatory alliances performs acts of espionage or other forms of foul play against another alliance. Third, if one of the signatory alliances commits or officially sanctions any act, be it military or verbal that is considered immoral by the other signatory alliance. If any of these conditions are met, it is reason for the offended signatory alliance to declare a termination of the pact.

Article 4 Ex-girl friend clause

If this pact is broken or one signatory wishes to cancel the treaty it will remain in effect for 72 and a half hours after. There will also be a non aggression for a week after the 72 and a half hour cancellation period. During which period both alliances are forbidden to attack the other and any alliance that the other is obligated to defend.[/quote]



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[quote name='MerlinSucks' date='11 May 2010 - 03:43 PM' timestamp='1273617809' post='2295269']
Darkfox I'ma let you finish but... Bandnerd of Nordreich has the best bunny avatar of all time.... OF ALL TIME!!!
Whoa, Whoa don't taze me bro.

You wouldnt happen to have a picture of his awe inspiring avatar?

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[quote name='Cyphon88' date='11 May 2010 - 07:23 PM' timestamp='1273620221' post='2295321']
Oh my, Kuhnini's Bunny Avatar is the spitting, frothing imagine of him.

Looks like my game face on the pitch huh Cyphon! :smug:

Very exciting to renew with old friends! Great work on the announcement Darkfox and company!

Hail UCN!
Hail Masons!

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[quote name='monkeybum' date='12 May 2010 - 06:19 AM' timestamp='1273641543' post='2295800']
That's really kind of how I look in RL..

Liar, we all know you look like this...



Congrats on the treaty re-signing guys.

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[quote name='MerlinSucks' date='11 May 2010 - 05:43 PM' timestamp='1273617809' post='2295269']
Yo Darkfox, Im happy for you and Imma let you finish but Bandnerd of Nordreich has the best bunny avatar of all time.... OF ALL TIME!!!

and, always happy to see more things involving bunnies :awesome:

also, sup darkfox, you called for me?

Edited by bandnerd
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