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The Great Shadow Looming Over the Sea

Cybil de Blanc

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[b][i]- The Eastern Coast of Cyneriice Northan -
- 05:00 Hrs -[/i][/b]

Like ants across the dirt, they marched across the tundra. Like bees making a new nest, they swarmed the abandoned outpost and the surrounding houses, setting up equipment helter-skelter. The smell of grease and oil tainted the Arctic air; the sound of clanging and clammering rang out across the dark landscape. There had to be close to a hundred people down there, if not more.

By morning, tarts and tents were everywhere. The sounds of barking sled dogs were evident, as was the thunder of hooves as reindeer were ridden. A few of the giant group had begun to set flags around an absurdly wide perimeter, the shape obviously forming an eight-sided polygon from the air. If one looked down, one would see the largest of the outpost's buildings being gutted, sledgehammers resounding as walls were pounded down. Arctic lorries came in to remove the debris, and painters, carpenters and other craftsmen swarmed the remains.

What was going on down there?


All across Cyneriice Northan, the scene played out at multiple research stations. These stations — once fully functional under the Vinlandian government — were being reshaped, cut off to the public as soon as the workmen were on scene. A grand total of fifty different outposts were being renovated, but for what purpose?

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