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A Meeting of Old Allies

Voodoo Nova

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[i]One day after Carthage formed

James sent a telegram to the new government of Carthage.

TO: Head of State
FROM: James Nova, President of Novak
SUBJECT: African Diplomacy
Hello, it has been a while old friends. I would like to invite you to Riyadh for talks regarding our future relations.
Accommodations have been made for your arrival.


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[i]Two days after Carthage formed[/i]

Juli sent a telegram to the government of Novak.

TO: James Nova, President of Novak
FROM: Juli Peaceheart, Queen of Carthage
SUBJECT: Re: African Diplomacy
Hello, old friend. I would be pleased to be invited to Riyadh - my husband is very busy and I believe it would be beneficial for us to talk as well.
We will arrive tonight.


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Juli walked out a member of Aphrike once more after a conversation.

<~Sargun> "Mr. Nova, I believe you may understand the need for me to hurry. Carthage has been reformed in less than a week and already we're behind on foreign meetings," Juli said looking quite flustered. "I'd rather we get to the point, as much as I'd love to stop and chat." She frowned, hoping she wasn't being too harsh on an old friend.
<Voodoo> "I can understand, there is much importance in the reformation of a nation that disappeared in to the sands for a time. I'll get straight to the point; I am inviting Carthage in to Aphrike at it's original level of membership.
<Voodoo> "
<~Sargun> "Original level of membership? So soon? I suppose nothing has changed about the pact, has there? It is still Rebel Army, Novak, and the UMS?"
<Voodoo> "Yes, nothing has changed about the pact. We have not expanded nor shrunk the membership of this pact. All of us have been there for Carthage during their initial crisis, and I believe we will all be there again, by your side during any crisis you may face."
<~Sargun> "Then it is agreed that we will stick by your side as well. A document, please."
<Voodoo> James handed Juli the Aphrike document for her to sign.
<~Sargun> Juli signed the Aphrike document and handed James the Aphrike document for him to put away.
<Voodoo> James took the document and went over to Juli to wish her well on her trip back home

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