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DAWN's first anniversary

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The president of the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations was unable to be here at this time. I am making this announcement in his name.
[color=orange][b][u][size="7"]A Year of Splendor[/size][/u]
[size="5"]The First Anniversary of the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations[/size][/b][/color][/center]

Fellow citizens of Planet Bob,

Twelve months ago, a small group of rulers, who were unsatisfied with what the existing alliances had to offer, established a new alliance founded of the principles of freedom, democracy, sovereignty, openness and camaraderie, the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations. We were later joined by more members who share our values and together we succeeded in creating a community which fulfills these ideals.

Most of our members held senior government positions in other alliances, we have already proven to ourselves and to everybody who cared our skill in developing our nations. That was not what we were looking for in DAWN. We were trying to make something different: a team where every member is highly valued and whose autonomy and independence are always respected. I am proud to say that DAWN gives that to its members. We have never had any aspirations to become a key player on the inter-alliance stage and, as a policy, we don't recruit.

From the very first days of our existence, we had to deal with severe hostility from certain elements of the cyberverse. We also found other elements who were friendly, sometimes very friendly. First, the International made our first steps possible by protecting us. Regardless of political disputes we may have with them, we will always be grateful for the confidence they had in us and their support. IRON has also showed confidence and cooperated with us from very early in DAWN's life. They have come to be our close friend and ally. We can sometimes disagree. We have very different ways to run our alliances, but we found in IRON great men who are ready to go out of their way for friends, in peace and war alike. We made friends with surprisingly many other alliances. TORN were one of those who distinguished themselves in their relations with us. We were looking to get closer before the last conflict and their conduct, independently and cooperating with us and other alliances from side, made them a natural choice from a treaty partner. We are very proud to call them our allies.

We were recently involved in a devastating conflict. Like any other, we are not perfect, and not free of mistakes and misjudgment. While we are confident that we were aiming to fight for a just cause, we ended fighting a completely different war. Since we chose when and how to enter the war, we can and do blame only ourselves for that and for the consequences.
As a remainder from that war, we are now in the early stages of a conflict with an alliance which lost its brakes, a sad shadow of a once respectable alliance, which forced on us a continuation of the war by unacceptable demands. We are not happy to stay in a war. DAWN is not a warlike alliance. But we are ready to go all the way to defend ourselves, our values and our allies. We will defeat the enemy and achieve a just conclusion of this conflict.

You are all invited to celebrate our first anniversary with us on [url=http://irc://coldfront:6667/DAWN]our IRC channel (#DAWN@coldfront)[/url] and [url=http://dawn.golan-shahar.com]our forums[/url].

On behalf of the entire DAWN membership,

Poach of Poachland
The Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations

Edited by Golan 1st
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[quote name='Cataduanes' date='11 May 2010 - 11:00 AM' timestamp='1273564823' post='2294578']
Congratz DAWN on your first anniversary, i know we have had our differences but i do not regret my role of sorts in your foundation ;)
We have long memories Cata :)

[quote name='Thunder Strike' date='11 May 2010 - 11:06 AM' timestamp='1273565182' post='2294583']
Make sure to ask Gremlins for a birthday present :P
We might just invite them to the anniversary fireworks, nothing beats a sky illuminated by nukes :smug:

It has been a very eventful and fun first year, my personal thanks to our allies and friends out there who contributed to our success, and who continue to make this fun for all involved :)

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[quote name='Cataduanes' date='11 May 2010 - 11:00 AM' timestamp='1273564823' post='2294578']Congratz DAWN on your first anniversary, i know we have had our differences but i do not regret my role of sorts in your foundation ;)[/quote]What shilo said.
Your contribution is (almost ;) ) not forgotten and you are a friend of DAWN and myself.
Some things just live through political differences.

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Congratulations to our brothers in DAWN, you are by far and away some of the most capable players I have come across during my time here, I'm sure there is nothing but prosperity ahead of you.

Once we're finished with Gremlins IRON will continue to support you in any and every way possible.

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