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The Very Funky Government is here

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[b][color="#006400"][size="5"]Funkyheim Announces it's Government[/size][/color][/b]

[color="#800080"][i]*juanito appears on the international broadcast, face in palm and looking very worn out*[/i][/color]

Ladies and Gentlemen of the International Community, it is my distinct honor to bring to you Funkyheim's first official government. Our El Presidente has decided that there shall be an Executive Branch, an Legislative Branch which will be made up of a National Congress, and *sighs deeply* a "Funkicial" branch, which will determine the Funkinality of all laws being passed in our great new nation, over which El Presidente will personally preside.
El Presidente has also decided on a simple format for the operations of his government,l and has formed his cabinet from the newly appointed leadership of the various new departments. El Presidente has ordered, and I deeply DEEPLY [s]regret[/s] am pleased to say this, that the following portraits of our new cabinet be "funkified" for viewing purposes
*sighs VERY deeply this time*

Presenting Maya Segriguez, new Head of Internal State

Department of Defense Head Alexander Quantico

Foreign Relations Head Juanito...wait I got appointed? Oh wait what does my portrait look li-

[s]God damn him[/s] I mean these three will make up the heads of a larger body of government, with smaller departments reporting to their overall department. If there are any questions, now would be the time to ask them [s]before I become a raging alcoholic[/s]

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[color="#FF8C00"][i]*For those watching on television, Juanito is seen staring off screen for a moment, talking silently (mics silenced) with someone who the audience can't see, then turning back to answer the question*[/i][/color]

El Presidente has a broad view of what is "funky". By El Presidente's definition, just about everything is, except when it's not. In terms of music, El Presidente is a major fan of..[size="3"]let's see here I have the list, the man requires me to carry it around[/size]...ah yes; Everything Techno, Rock (from the Punkest to the Hardest, including viking and metal), Big Band, Jazz, Soul, lounge, salsa & mambo, Swing, Funk in it's various forms, and...wait, really? [i][color="#FF0000"]*he askes, looking again off screen. Then, looking mildly surprised, turns back*[/color][/i]
...and, it seems, classical and choir. Really. With that being stated I can only guess, with some 100% degree of accuracy, that El Presidente and thus this government sees Funk #49 in a positive manner, most likely for being a very catchy, and funky tune

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