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An Official Fallen Knight Announcement

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Fallen Knights Announcement[/center]

Instead of making 4 different announcements which you would all love to see (not) I'll combine them all into 1 big announcement.

First announcement, Sparta has "upgraded" our protectorate to a PIAT and Olaf has given us notice 72 hour notice as agreed to in the treaty.

[quote][u][b]Section VII[/b][/u]

Should either party wish to cancel this treaty, 72 hours notice must be provided.[/quote]

The protectorate is now null and void.

Second announcement, since The Order of Justice has merged into UINE our PIAT with an ODP clause is now null and void. We wish all nations in OoJ good luck in their future endeavors.

Third announcement, Fallen Knights have reached their first 100 days as an existing alliance. In the first 100 days they were jam packed with lots of excitement... good and bad. None the less Fallen Knights continues to grow as we are nearing 50 nukes, 270k ns, and 19 members. Much thanks to Sparta and The Grämlins for much of continuation to tech deals and educational guidance.

Fourth announcement, Our government has changed:

Overlord - xR1 Fatal Instinct
Overlord - Katskip
Prime Minister - Jaybooker
Lord of War - (Open)
Lord of Finance - (Open)
Lord of Foreign Affairs - President Hiller
Lord of Internal Affairs - President Stanin

So come celebrate with us we have tons of beer in our IRC channel and on our forums!

Forums: http://www.cn-fk.co.cc

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