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Looking for an Alliance

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I'll keep this simple I'm NOT going to jump through hoops to join an alliance and have no interest in war at all if I could not have an army I would opt for that. I want to run a simple peaceful and modest nation that makes money doing tech trades to likely members of the alliance at a decent price AND generally be left alone. I would stay peaceful forever but it seems at some point I would have to leave my protected status. Consider me a neutral and peaceful nation that has no interest in all the powermongering.

I'm on the verge of quitting this game its fun but with no viable alliances sending me requests without the whole we invited you now prove YOUR good enough if I was not good enough already why recruit stop sending me messages. If your alliance may fit then feel free to post here.

I don't care if I'm not a FULL member of said alliance a junior protected state that has not all the membership rights is fine, I'm not asking for handouts and won't be to demanding.

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My initial thought was "If he wants neutral, he should talk to GPA".

My next thought was "I wonder if the CN wiki has a [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Neutral_Alliances"]page listing neutral alliances[/url]?

Good luck.

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