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TCB Announcement

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To keep a long story short: ICON and TCB used to be very close and one of our protectorates but we all know what happened to TCB and we kinda lost track of them. But lately contacts have been re-established with ICON and after discussions we felt it was time to sign a PIAT to show our mutual dedication to rebuild an old friendship.


Both The Centurion Brotherhood and the Independent Coalition of Nations see each other as sovereign alliances and agree to the following:
A) Both signatories recognize and will try at all means possible to remain at a state of peace and friendship with each other.
B)Diplomacy shall be used in all disputes.
C) Both agree not to take military action against each other. Both agree not to help enemies of TCB or ICON.

Article 2
Both of us agree to share information through Diplomats and/or IRC. We shall share information regarding both alliances that could be useful in the future.
Article 3
A) If one of the signatories need military, Technology, or financial aid during peace time the other shall try to at its best send the aid to them.
B) Wartime Aid- If during war one signatory asks for aid the other is not obligated to send said aid but can be sent if the sending alliance deems it ok.
C) Both alliances are greatly encouraged to take part in tech deals
Article 4
If a signatory thinks it fit to cancel this treaty he will:
A) Shall give a 72 hour notice before cancellation, this means at the treaty is still in effect till the end of the 72 hour period
B) Shall give a specific reason as to why it is canceling the treaty
C) After cancellation and the 72 hour period passes both alliances shall avoid war if possible.

Signed by:
Council of TCB

Signed by:
Alexo14467, Leader of ICON

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Wow, TCB was one of my favorite alliances when I first made the mode to pink over 3 years ago.
I've since moved on, but good to see TCB re-emerging on the international stage again.

Heres to old times :)

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