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To the USC

Szent Korona

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A unnamed representative arrived in Guangzhou. Upon being escorted to the USC representative, he spoke, "Neo Tokyo wishes to have good relations with USC. Although we had trouble in the past over Taiwan, I do not see why hostile feelings should continue. Therefore, we have intentions on accepting the proposal you sent. Our leader has already signed it."

[quote]Compact of Free Association

Preamble: New Tokyo hereby freely enters into a Compact of Free Association with the United States of China. This Compact does not remove the sovereignty of New Tokyo, the Compact is considered a law and can be repealed by either part.

Article I. Military and Foreign Affairs

The United States of China commits to the military defense of New Tokyo. The United States of China shall have oversight of the foreign and military affairs of Neo Tokyo and shall alone have the power to declare war. New Tokyo shall retain a self defense force which is tasked with maintaining the peace of the New Tokyo territories. Self Defense Forces shall become part of the Joint Command for the Neo Whampao Brotherhood in wartime and under the command of the Chaiman of the Central Planning Commission. New Tokyo shall have the power to conduct its own trade agreements but not have the power to conduct its own foreign relations military agreements. Should this treaty be voided all military equipment of the United States of China shall be given to China immediatly.

Article II. Trade Relations

Both countries agree not to restrict interstate commerce. A monetary union shall be established, giving Neo Tokyo one seat on the currency board of the United States of China. This seat shall be appointed by the leaders of Neo Tokyo and confirmed by the President of the United States of China.

Article III. Termination

This pact may be terminated by either country with three months notice (7 IRL Days).

Article IV. Option of joining the Union

Should Neo Tokyo choose to join the United States of China as a state, it shall do so by democratic election. Neo Tokyo has the option of retaining a seperate cultural identity should it choose to do so, but must be approved by the Assembly of the United States of China by 2/3 vote.

Signed for Neo Tokyo,
Hajime Sugiyama[/quote]

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The United States of China accepts the Free Association Agreement. We hope to see that the people of Neo Tokyo proceed on a just trajectory so that there is never conflict again. Through this arrangement we shall support them on this constructive path.

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