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Warriors Announcement


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We hit Catharsis because we had reliable intel that we were going to be attacked with this coalition that Confusion put together. It was very accurate, he tried his best to get us attacked by other alliances. They know who they are. So, we picked out an alliance [b]we were planning on hitting eventually anyways[/b], and hit in what we considered pro-active self-defense. At the time, we had about the same numbers, they were slightly higher in NS. We wanted a nice fair fight and if up to us, it would have been us against Catharsis 1-1.

We have been attacked by AoD and SMUG in response. This is our front of the battle. We attempted to peace out with Catharsis, they asked for peace, we were ready to give it to them. That war had gone on long enough, we'd all had fun. However they felt that we would have attacked SMUG and AoD if they had peaced us out. Those two alliances attacked US after all, so they were probably right. Thus they stayed. That is honorable.

Now, I am being told by Confusion that we peace out with Catharsis, AoD and SMUG right now, or we will be curbstomped. We attacked one, and ONLY one alliance. At the time, we had about the same numbers, they were slightly higher in NS. We wanted a nice fair fight. That's all we wanted, though we expected to get attacked by others, anyways. And we did. AoD and SMUG have both attacked us. We are fighting all three as best we can.

I don't like being threatened.

Is that what you are, AoD? Catharsis? Is that what YOU are, SMUG? Cowardly curbstompers?
Apparently it's what Confusion is. Are you this much of Confusion's stooges?

[17:14] <ClashAFK> either everyone peaces out or no one does
[17:14] <Confusion> I have TPCs terms
[17:14] <Confusion> If they peace out
[17:14] <Confusion> Warriors will be left on the battlefield fighting
[17:14] <ClashAFK> when tpc peaces out so will we
[17:14] <ClashAFK> those are our terms
[17:14] <Confusion> And i'll make sure you don't get peace for bandwaggoning

[b]We are not bandwagoners of course, we attacked ONE alliance and ONLY ONE.
One that was the same size as us, one that was even higher in NS.
We certainly did not bandwagon Catharsis.
That's the facts, Jack.[/b]

Confusion threatened to take this "debate" here, and try to force us out. More threats.
So I'm doing it for him.

Those are our terms. Confusion wants us to peace out so that Catharsis, AoD and SMUG can apparently continue to attack TPC. Well, we have no less honor than Catharsis. Fighting three alliances, we have already taken a beating. Honor matters more than infra - and we have it, not everyone does.

We will not be threatened by some punk with delusions of grandeur.
Our terms are that we leave the field of battle when everyone else does.
If we get curbstomped for that - well I guess that says more about the ones doing it than it ever would us.

Is there honor left in TE? Let's see.

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[quote name='Clash' date='10 May 2010 - 02:16 AM' timestamp='1273454201' post='2292995']
Is there honor left in TE?

Bring it - I Haz Slotz !! [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/smug.gif[/img]

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Clash posted this thread before we agreed to peace terms. But now we have all agreed to White Peace.

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