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Stepping out from the Shadows

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[size="2"]So, a little over a year ago, The House of Lords agreed to accept The Partopian Alliance as our protectorate. However, in the shuffle of paperwork, the nightly binge drinking, and related dignified activities involving women of a high-caliber and cigars generally reserved for Kings, I failed to post it publicly, to exist as a record for all to see. I apologize for all parties whom this may have confused, and hope this sets the record straight. This document was signed into law on April 15th, 2009.[/size][size="2"]

[quote]Preamble [/size]
The House of Lords and The Partopian Alliance, being friendly alliances with equal dedication to the interests of honor, respect, and democracy, do so wish to affirm such friendship in writing, and declare to all Cybernations their mutual friendship.

Both alliances seek growth and prosperity, and to conduct themselves in a way garnering the respect and esteem of their peers. Let this accord of mutual defense and amity be an example to all Planet Bob of the relations which may exist between the truly noble.
The Partopian Alliance, and The House of Lords hereby Establish this Protectorate Treaty in which The Partopians will enjoy the peace and prosperity afforded by full House protection.

Upon Signing this Protectorate Treaty, The Partopian Alliance (PA) will become a Protectorate of The House of Lords (HoL).

Article I - Respect
The signatory Alliances and their Member States will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would their own. Healthy debate and discussion, as well as constructive criticism, will not to be frowned upon in discourse, but all Member States and Representatives of the signatory Alliances will be expected to show politeness and respectful deference to Members and Representatives from the co-signatory, in particular, by respecting whatever chains of command or other logistical systems the partner alliance may have established, and by patiently abiding such institutions.

Article II – Non-Aggression
Both The PA and The HoL forbid any act of violence, aggression, or other form of attack on each other, either through sole action, or in conjunction with an outside party. All disputes between The HoL and PA, or any members therein, will be resolved in good faith and through diplomatic conversation.

Article III - Aid, Advice and Support
The HoL agrees to provide The PA with military and economic assistance if needed, including providing access to military and economic advisors, and the direct aid of technology, funds, and troops, if needed in an emergency. The PA agrees to honor this article in reverse, should the unlikely event arise that it is required. In all events, members of the two parties agree to a policy of aid and mutual support.

Article IV – Non-Espionage and the Free Flow of Information
Neither Alliance will engage in, condone, or encourage espionage against the other, either directly or through a third party. In the course of the close communication between both Alliances, Members of either Alliance will likely gain access to information considered sensitive and confidential. Such information will be treated as highly classified, and not disseminated by a signatory to third parties, except at the allowance of the co-signatory. Should a signatory Alliance receive any information pertaining to the co-signatory, the signatory agrees to notify the co-signatory immediately, within 24 hours, about the nature, content, and source of the information.

Article V - Military Assistance
The HoL agrees to defend The PA through direct military action and financial support in the event of any defensive war The PA is subjected to. The Members of HoL will defend PA Members in-good-standing as if they were Members of HoL. The PA agrees to aid The HoL in any defensive war, provided that the aid of the PA is required and requested – due to the lower strength of The PA, the Protectorate will not be held to the same rigorous expectation of assistance.
No aggressive action by either signatory will result in the activation of Article V, but instead be taken as an optional casus belli by the co-signatory. In that way, either Alliance may choose to assist the other in an aggressive war, but will not be bound by this treaty to endorse or assist in said war.

Article VI - Foreign Policy
The PA will consult and seek the guidance of The HoL before making significant changes in foreign policy, such as signing new treaties or declaring war on a major third party. The PA will contact The HoL through typical diplomatic channels, to be mentored on the possible ramifications of certain actions.
While The HoL neither maintains or declares a veto power, implicit or explicit, over The PA, The PA agrees to honor The HoL's reputation of general amiability and non-interference with the vast diversity of factions in Planet Bob. Remembering such, The PA will seek to conduct itself in an honorable manner, so as not to disparage the public perception of itself or The HoL.

Article VII - Enforcing of the Treaty
In the event that The PA should fall into infringement of this agreement, and cause reparable harm to itself, the HoL, or to a third party, The HoL will assume responsibility for The PA, and will ensure that The PA is held to the standards of accountability required by Cybernations tradition. In such circumstances, The HoL shall negotiate and facilitate diplomatic resolution and agreement on behalf of The PA, and shall be the final arbitrator of the specific articles in this treaty. As is required by such a gesture of trust, The HoL vows to never forsake the advice, petitioning, and counsel of PA Representatives and Members in procuring a decisions both fair and mutually beneficial.

Article VIII - Supervision of Internal Affairs
To ensure the free flow of information, and that no ill will exists between the mutual parties, each signatory agrees to allow at least one Supervisory Member of the co-signatory access to the signatory's alliance forum, with the full access rights of a regular member, except that such a Supervisor shall have no voting rights or legitimate capacity, except to serve as a liason and representative to their host Alliance.

Article IX - Withdrawal
Should either Alliance wish to end the above agreement, a notice must be given to the other signatory Alliance. After such notice is given, the Alliances shall maintain this agreement and the spirit thereof for a 48 hour grace period, after which it shall be dissolved and removed from the list of active treaties.

Article X - Review
Upon signing this treaty, both The HoL and The PA agree to review this treaty 3 months after its official adoption. This 90-day period shall be interpreted as a trial phase, at the end of which the two Alliances shall convene to discuss the extension, dissolution, or indefinite ratification of this agreement.

Signed for The House of Lords

Vorak, Lord President of the House of Lords

Signed for The Partopian Alliance

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[quote name='Leet Guy' date='07 May 2010 - 12:03 AM' timestamp='1273215780' post='2290061']
This sat on the back burner for [i]an entire year?[/i]
[/quote]Well, it wasn't really on the back burner. We've been actively engaging in projects to help PA through their various growing pains. We just simply forgot to post it here. None of our alliance really frequents this place. Most of what's here isn't worth reading.

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[quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' date='07 May 2010 - 05:41 AM' timestamp='1273228893' post='2290127']
Good to know.

However a year as a protectorate sounds a long time. Are PA not interested in growing up and taking over the world? Ending the current hegemony? Stuff like that?
My thoughts exactly. Good luck to both of you though.

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[quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' date='07 May 2010 - 07:41 AM' timestamp='1273228893' post='2290127']
Good to know.

However a year as a protectorate sounds a long time. Are PA not interested in growing up and taking over the world? Ending the current hegemony? Stuff like that?

I'm actually shocked they still exist at all.

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[quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' date='07 May 2010 - 11:41 AM' timestamp='1273228893' post='2290127']
Good to know.

However a year as a protectorate sounds a long time. Are PA not interested in growing up and taking over the world? Ending the current hegemony? Stuff like that?

No, that's our plan. :smug:

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[quote name='Mathias' date='07 May 2010 - 03:49 PM' timestamp='1273261749' post='2290531']
I guess they didn't really need the protection if you've been protecting them for a year without anyone knowing about them.

Something tells me the recent raids proved otherwise.

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