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Oh snap, we's on a roll!

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[center]I know what you're thinking. "Che, if you were going to post so many treaties, why didn't you do them all at once?" Well, I didn't know we'd get them all signed tonight, okay? So calm yourself. Anywho, in keeping with my not-wanting-to-get-warned mood tonight, I will avoid naming this treaty something "Dirty". Got it, brah? [/center][center]
[/center][center][color=#5D707A][font=Helvetica, Arial,]Article One:

'Sup Brosama? Oh, our treaty? S'yeah, this first part basically says that like, we shouldn't be rude to each other. This also means we should do mean things like declare war on one-another, 'cause my mom says that's considered rude in some places. This would violate the treaty, and that isn't good.

Article Two:

Yo brah, I hear so-and-so's been talkin' smack about you! This is an example of the sharing of intel that is required under article two. Now, this intel shouldn't be tampered with, or made to mislead the other party. Mislead parties end up eating one-another, and that isn't good. So, if you hear some good intel, you should tell your brah, brah.

Article Three:

So, let's say one side is all "Yo dawg, we could use some aid" and the other is all "yo yo dawg, I've got plenty of aid lying around, I just robbed some female dogs!", it would be considered cool if the prison-bound alliance sent some of the aid to it's needy friend. That's what friends are for, right? Anyways, it isn't required, but it's recommended.

Article Four:

Bros before hos. If one of the bros in this treaty gets jumped by some kids in the gravel alley, it'd be cool and all if the unattacked bro lent a hand. I mean, if you're too busy popping your collar and stuff to come help, that's cool too. It isn't required to provide military assistance, George Brahshington, but it'd be nice of you.

Article Five:

Notice must be given 48 hours before terminating this treaty. During this time the alliances should try to amend the relationship between the two signatories. The notice must be given through proper diplomatic channels. After the cancellation, Article I stays in affect for thirty (30) more days. Brah.

Signed For Europa:
Minister of Silly Walks, Grand Ayatollah
Deebo, Mint Ayatollah
Ernesto Che Guevara, Strawberry Ayatollah
Vielwerth, Vanilla Ayatollah

Signed For FEAR:
CodArk2, Grand Chancellor
Mad Larkin, Internal Chancellor
ClashCityRocker, External Chancellor[/font][/color][/center]

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